A New PhD Programme introduced in IISc, Bangalore

A New PhD Programme introduced in IISc, Bangalore

IISc Bangalore has introduced a new PhD programme based on the Brain and Artificial Intelligence. It include the research areas of brain inspired artificial intelligence, signal processing, sensory processing systems: vision, speech, high-level cognitive processes, learning, attention, decision making, brain machine interfaces, neuromorphic computation, neuromorphic hardware, machine learning, theoretical and computational neurosciences, cellular systems and cognitive neuroscience.

Eligibility Criteria:

Anyone with M.Sc. or equivalent degree in any branch of science or BE/ B.tech or equivalent degree in any discipline or a 4- year Bachelor of Science degree.

Last date to Apply: 23/03/2020

For further details of the programme: https://brain-computation.iisc.ac.in/

Apply at: https://admissions.iisc.ac.in/Web/Login.aspx

For further contact: office.bai@iisc.ac.in

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