A new law issued on mental health by the UAE

A new law issued on mental health by the UAE


The UAE government has released a federal law on mental health that aligns with the most recent developments in the field of mental health care. Securing the liberties of psychiatric patients and guaranteeing the highest quality of medical and mental treatment are the objectives of this new law. It introduces age-related measures to assist kids, forbids the provision of mental health services lacking a license, and creates surveillance committees across every emirate.

Aim of the Law

The main goal of the legislation is to control the interlinking between individuals with mental illnesses and all those who relate with them, and additionally to ensure that the required medical treatment is provided in compliance with best practices and standards. Furthermore, it broadens the words “psychiatric patient” and “mental health” to reflect the most recent concepts (contemporary ideas) and procedures in the area. It also seeks to minimize family members’ emotional strain and encourage socialization, as well as give the required medical attention while upholding the highest standards and guidelines.

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Where it apply?

The law includes mental health providers, patients receiving mental health services, mental health centers, and any other organizations nationwide involved in providing mental health treatment for patients, including those situated in free zone areas. The new law prohibits the supply of mental health care without the appropriate authority’s consent, as stated clearly within the regulation.

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Importance for patients

Patients now have an approach to receive an in-depth description of their legal entitlements or rights, including the ability to file disputes (complaints) and grievances at each mental health care center. The legislation protects sufferers from victimization and nourishes their unrestricted freedom to continue working. It also shields them from any kind of sexual, physical, or mental abuse. Furthermore, it guarantees the execution of age-appropriate health precautions that take into account the age group of a child patient and are in line with their highest priorities or interests. The healthcare facility implemented a new structure for patient discharge that allows healthcare coverage, leisure and educational opportunities, and the selection of delegates to act as a spokesperson for the individual undergoing treatment. This law imposes detention and fines of between AED 50,000 and AED 200,000 as punishments for breaking its requirements.

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