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Why do we love Autumn, A psychological exploration!

A study conducted in Japan demonstrated that an autumn foliage mountain landscape image had relaxing effects among women in their 20s. If just an image of the season can bring about such psychological changes, how much more can happen during

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Walking the language of love!

Peace is not to be created and love is not to be seeked. We be it on our journey! The language of love is only meant for Romeos and Juliets on this planet. The stories of Adams and Eve are

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The psychology behind Dendrophiles: understanding the love for trees

In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.  John Nicer Dendrophilia can be described as the immense love and connection, some people have for trees and nature. Some people tend to feel an emotional connection with


The Psychology Behind Why We Love Watching Horror Movies

Munjya, a Hindi horror movie is gaining attention and love from the audience. Being the fourth movie for the Maddock Supernatural Universe, Munjya is captivating at heart with its horror storyline that aligns with Indian mythological characters. While the film

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The Psychology Behind Why People Love Extreme Sports

Enthusiastic, adrenaline junkie, and adrenaline rush, are words we are all familiar with. Either we are that person who loves an activity with an adrenal rush or we know someone who is an adrenaline junkie and engages in risky or


The love hormone attributed to overcome loneliness: Study

Oxytocin the love hormone or the happy hormone or as called by some the cuddle hormone promotes reduction in the feeling of loneliness and enhances building up new connections during any socially exclusive occasions. As loneliness is often described as


Mother’s Day: Why is Mother’s Love Unconditional?

Mother’s Day is around the corner with the worldwide celebration on the 12th of May to take a day out to recognize all the efforts that our mother put for us with selfless and unconditional love. With many people planning

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Why Do People Love Watching Bigg Boss?: Perspectives of Psychologist

Reality television is a popular genre in the telly world featuring unscripted real-life occurrences. The sub-genres include competitions, infotainment, entertainment, adventure, romance, documentaries and so on. Indian viewers have a strong preference for entertainment-based reality shows, and Bigg Boss consistently


Why do people love K-dramas?

Korean dramas, also referred to as K-dramas, are South Korean-produced television programs that are produced in the Korean language. The “Korean Wave” and the fact that they are widely accessible via streaming platforms, which frequently provide subtitles in various languages,


18-year-old Women Diagnosed with “Love Brain”

An 18-year-old Chinese girl, nicknamed Xiaoyu, was diagnosed with “Love brain” as she called her boyfriend 100 times in a single day and after getting no response from his side, she smashed the household objects and threatened the boyfriend to