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Defence Mechanisms in Everyday Battles

Imagine a situation, where you came 30 minutes late to the office due to the heavy rains. As soon as you get to your seat, your boss asks you to be in his cabin. Although arriving late was not all


Defence Mechanism: What They Are And Why We Use Them

Defence Mechanism: What They Are And Why We Use Them In psychoanalytic theory, pioneered by psychologist Sigmund Freud, defence mechanisms refer to the mental processes that we employ to reach compromise solutions for conflicts that our mind is unable to


Hyper-Independence as a Trauma Response: Signs and Strategies

Trauma responses manifest in diverse forms, becoming intensely infused in our behavioural patterns. Many refuse help, even from loved ones and seek extensive self-reliance to feel secure. In the long term, excessive independence or hyper-independence pushes our well-wishers away and,


The Psychology of Regression

The father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, proposed several intriguing yet debatable ideas. Defence mechanisms are a popular concept and represent unconscious coping methods that distort reality to deal with anxiety-provoking events. Often, many display childlike behaviours during stressful events, such

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The Psychology Behind Self-Sabotaging

It is puzzling to imagine why anyone knowingly prevents themselves from achieving self-set goals. The tendency to self-sabotage seems irrational, yet most of us consciously or unconsciously engage in it. Think about the times when the fear of failure led


Understanding Compensation Theory

Until high school, we had to study many subjects ranging from English to computer science. Many remember dreading Maths class, while some remember sleeping during history classes. We all had subjects we were good or weak at. Even the class


The Controversial Existence of the Oedipus Complex

Since the beginning, there have been heated debates and arguments surrounding the Oedipus complex and its significance. People from the outside of psychoanalytic circles as well as the inside have stated that there is not a lot of evidence to


What Is ADHD Masking and How Can It Be Managed?

Have you ever hidden a trait or a quality of yours that makes you different from others and you might have thought that people may judge you or not accept you for not behaving properly? Have you ever had thoughts

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Psychology Behind Makeup

We all know somebody who is obsessed with makeup, or it can be you as well, they know all the new brands, the new products, their application, uses, et cetera. Those people have this kind of addiction of trying on

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Psychology Behind Racism

Discriminating or treating someone like they’re less capable just because of their race, is what racism is all about. It is an ethnocentric belief that one race, be it in physical features, caste, traditions, culture et cetera is superior to