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Anger: A Healthy Emotion or a Harmful Reaction?

Imagine you worked hard in your role at the office. You know for sure you will get promoted this time. But, then you find that a less deserving colleague has gotten that promotion, with a high percentage appraisal. How would


The 5 Anger Languages in Relationship

Anger is a human emotion that comes out when a person feels betrayed, harmed or disrespected. According to Charles Spielberger, Anger is “an emotional state that varies from mild irritation to intense rage.”  When two people love each other they


A Surprising Link to Increased Heart Attack Risk and Prolonged Anger 

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association reported blood vessels’ ability to relax, which is crucial for proper blood flow, can be affected by a brief episode of anger activated by remembering past experiences. According

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9 Healthy Ways to Channel Anger and Find Inner Peace

Human behaviour is vividly complex and we possess a variety of emotions. A common misconception around emotions is that of perceiving them as either positive or negative. It is important to realise that all kinds of emotions reside in each

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Noise: A disturbing movie about Displaced Anger

Your anger will pass. But your mean words can scar a person for life. Sandhya Ram Mahindra’s short movie Noise foregrounds the ill effects of displaced aggression and illustrates how anger pollutes the emotional environment. A poignant, disturbing movie portraying


Virtual Autism Alert: Dangers of Excessive Screen Time for Your Toddlers’ Development

In my clinic, a 3-year-old child was brought to my attention, whose parents suspecting possible signs of autism. He did not respond to his name when I addressed him and kept crying. Despite my attempts to engage him by repeatedly

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Managing Rage: Triggers and Anger Management Strategies

Intense, uncontrollable anger that is an intensified hostile reaction to a perceived grave insult or injustice is called rage, sometimes referred to as frenzy or fury. Rage is a normal emotion that can be advantageous in some situations and is

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8 Tips to Control Anger in Children

Anger is a very natural emotion experienced by everyone including children. It is one of the seven core emotions which we have since birth. But when it is uncontrolled it can pose a serious risk to themselves and others, including


Toilet Scrolling: What are the mental and physicals health dangers?

The bathroom is the one place in the house where we can truly be alone without being bothered. You may unwind in your bedroom, of course, but there’s something about the bathroom that makes us feel genuinely alone. Thus, toilet


Study: Excessive smartphone use may put teens’ mental health in danger

A huge number of youth engage in extreme Smartphone use, which results in mental health risks. A new study warns that teenagers who use Smartphones more than four hours a day put their health at “serious” risk. Teenagers nowadays use