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Hanging out with peers can help lessen the feeling of being left out: Study 

Simple social interactions among peers and neighbours can ease oneself from social anxiety and thus can mitigate the effects of social exclusion. Current researchers have found that face-to-face conversations as well as anticipation of future interactions encourage individuals to overcome


What Is Limerence? Is It Different From Love Feelings?

We all have experienced the feeling of intense attraction towards another person. All we want to do is to try to spend time with them, woo them into liking us. Get their attention by going the extra mile to impress


The First Feeling of Becoming a Mother

Motherhood comes with a lot of emotions and feelings like happiness, exhaustion, irritability, confidence, fear of missing out etc. And it is subjective to every mother depending on the support they get from their closed ones. Every mother has their


Feeling horny all the time? What are the psychological reasons behind it?

Have you found yourself questioning often, “Why am I so horny?” You should be aware that the reason you are feeling horny is because your libido has been steadily increasing, leaving you with a persistent craving for sex. As puberty


Can the feelings of AWE lead to changes in life?

Emotion is part of everyday life and it is innate in organisms. Emotion comes from the Latin word ‘emovere’ which means to move. It influences an individual’s thoughts and behavior through physiological and psychological changes. Rasa simply means to taste

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Which one would you prefer: “Feeling better or doing better?”

“Feeling better is an illusion, just temporary improvement, whereas Doing better understands what aggravates symptoms which is uncomfortable but permanent.” Feeling better and doing better sound so similar, don’t they? For most of us, feeling better is doing better, while

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How to Deal with Guilt Feelings?

Guilt is an emotion, which is considered to have a lot of power, leading to a strong impact on our mental health. It originates from past actions as well and can be the most challenging and overwhelming task to explore.

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Embracing Adulthood: A Perspective for Feeling Personality Types

Individuals with a strong inclination towards the Feeling trait tend to have an innate appreciation for the concept of “adulting.” For them, it often carries an intrinsic sense of nobility, as they instinctively value assuming more responsibility and independence. This


The Feeling of Positivity: How Can it Change You?

A quality or behaviour of positivity is living a happy or hopeful life. When we are upbeat, we behave upbeat by being kind to others and thinking and feeling optimistically. The good effects of all of this optimism, such as

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The Joy of Play: How Toys Boost Our Happy Feelings and Mind

Do you know, There is a ton of information that supports the idea that playing with toys is a crucial part of a child’s development? All children like playing with toys and the various functions that toys have in their