8 tips to be a jolly person

8 tips to be a jolly person

Jolly Nature

Jolly person is the one who appears to be cheerful and happy, not all the time but majority of it. Jolly persons are lively in nature and are extremely pleasant to be with. Other people enjoys their company and likes to be with them because of who they are and the positivity they radiates. They are bright and joyful in their appearance as well as their behaviour just like a ray of sunshine. Jolly persons are loved and respected by others because of their nature and positive attitude towards life.

Jolly people are the ones having a positive outlook of life and they really enjoy spending time with others and makes them happy and in a great mood. They have a strong sense of humour and a charming personality with a smiling face on. Jolly people show gratitude for the basic as well as bigger things or opportunities in life. It is believed that jolly people live healthier and happier life compared to the lonely reserved ones.

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Here are 8 tips that could make people jolly

1) Don’t fake your personality to be liked by others:

People try or pretends to be like others or imitate other’s behaviour just to be likable by people around them and get socially acceptable, but it is more than that. It’s quite important to believe that every individual has their own precious hidden gifts or talents and unique set of characteristics that could attract others towards them. For that, they don’t need themselves to be changed or pretend to be like someone else to be likeable or jolly instead look for their own qualities that could make them jolly.

Being jolly just don’t occur to be a part of personality, but it requires constant effort by being open-minded and cheerful and finding ones own inner hidden treasures. Some people are gifted by this quality of being jolly while others may develop with time and patience and lots of happiness.

2) Feel confident and don’t get offended

Feeling confident about oneself can do wonders. By being self confident, people won’t get offended by take any joke personally, instead they’ll probably laugh it off, making others assume that they might have a good sense of humour and has a bold funny personality. Jolly people are the ones who makes themselves as well as other people happy and make them laugh by cracking jokes or speaking of something positive and even genuinely complimenting other people. This could only be possible when the person is confident about themselves first, and feel good for who they are, then only they could recognize good and positive things in others for complimenting and appreciating them for that.

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Also, the more the people laugh along at ones jokes, the more confident they’ll feel cracking them in front of others and learn to express themselves by a good sense of humour with full confidence.

3) Be happy and look upon life from a brighter perspective:

In today’s world of sadness, despair and loneliness, people want to be happy and joyful and for that they prefer to surround themselves with positive, happy and cheerful people who could make them happy or give reasons to smile. Being happy and cheerful, even in times of difficulties, is no less than a skill, it would help people stay out of the misery and hardships. How individuals perceive the world around them reveals a lot about their personality. It’s commonly said that a person’s inner world mirrors their outlook on the outer world.

For example, if someone is happy from inside, they’ll automatically radiate happiness in the outer world and looks on the brighter side of the world irrespective of all the on goings happening here and there. To be a Jolly person, people have to focus on the positive and be happy for the little things, with no purpose, Since Happiness needs no occasion.

3) Keep Cheerful smile and laugh often:

A person’s smile is their strongest weapon to attract others. It’s an outer appearance people display or wear that makes them attractive. Smile is the first thing people notices in a person and it’s one of a beautiful and great quality of a jolly person. Smile not only means that people are happy, it also cheer up other people’s mood. Jolly people have soft, sweet smile and a pleasant, hearty laugh. People appear cheerful and sunnier simply by smiling and looking happy.

4) Pay attention to the tone of voice and speak gracefully:

A person can express cheerfulness and a jolly nature through the way they speak to become a jolly person. Alter tone of voice while speaking of something happy and joyful. Speak fast, but not so fast that it all sounds gibberish to others listening. Working on the speed and tone of voice to express oneself better could help being a jolly person. Avoid speaking in monotone. Also, what people speaks matters more than how people speak so use positive and happy words while communicating like ‘love’ and ‘good.’

5) Be Friendly:

Be friendly and less judgemental so other people would feel comfortable around and could speak or share anything they want without any hesitation. Be outgoing and enjoy others company. Make sure to compliment others nicely and positively and behave politely in front of others. Make good gestures like helping others or serving at the dining table. To be a Jolly person, Greet knowns and even unknowns nicely. Meet new people and make new friends, it’ll help understand others and get to bond with them.

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6) Enjoy life and do good:

Enjoy and embrace the little moments in life. Listen to good cheerful music, watch happy films and read good Informative books to increase knowledge and acquire valuable insights. Doing the things people like on a daily basis could uplift their mood and makes them cheerful and happier. Spend time alone, go for a walk in nature. Treat oneself with good food and trips to favourite places. Plan a meet up with old friends and talk about life and all the good things happening, over a cup of tea or coffee. To be Jolly, make sure to spend quality time with ones own family and relatives.

7) Be Interesting by embracing the goofy, immature side:

To be a Jolly person, embrace ones own goofy, childish sides. Don’t try to suppress them or act mature, intelligent, superior person all the time. To Be Jolly, be real as people always like the real ones who don’t spend time pretending for no good. Let the inner child be free and do what feels right and enjoyable at the time. Since no one is perfect, embrace the immature side too who’s indecisive and ‘not always right’. Make mistakes and learn from them. Be imaginative by being creative and thinking out of the box. Even in serious and stressful situations, people could joke around while solving problems to relieve stress and worry. Be jolly, enjoy life and help others enjoy their life too by embracing their Jolly side too.



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