15 Sings You’re with The Right Person!!

15 Sings You’re with The Right Person!!

Right Person

Are you seeing someone or in a relationship? Do you ever wonder if your partner is “the one”? Do the little moments with them, feel just perfect? From enjoying comfortable silences to being the partner in crime, there are subtle signs that tell you and your partner are meant to be. While every relationship is unique, certain “green flags” indicate the person is ‘the one’. Well, here are 15 signs that will end your curiosity about knowing that you’re with the right’ person!!

1. You can talk to them about anything!

As rightly said, “Communication is the key to success”. You and your partner can discuss your feelings, needs and expectations openly and honestly. It’s a sign that you are in a relationship built to endure. Transparent communication is the cornerstone of a lasting relationship. Although communication doesn’t always come easy, some might find it difficult to express their feelings, which doesn’t mean they are terrible; they need time and space to get ready to say it out loud. But if there is a lack of communication between you and your partner, it might be challenging to maintain a healthy relationship.

2. You feel accepted and not judged by your partner!

Acceptance goes beyond accepting your flaws. When you accept the person in their true sense and embrace them, that is what acceptance feels like. You embrace each other’s vulnerabilities, habits, talents and struggles. You acknowledge that no one is perfect, and both of you have your own strengths and weaknesses also, you should not mask yourself around them in order to ‘fit in’ with them. True acceptance comes from acknowledging and embracing your flaws and working on them together.

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3. They take out time to listen to you!

This doesn’t mean they will sit for hours listening to your problems. But, when you need a listener, you know they are the ones on whom you can count. They listen to you carefully, try to understand your perspective, and allow you to speak while not interrupting and giving advice in between. You feel it is a judgement-free zone while talking to them.

4. You get your personal time as well!

Every relationship requires some space for both partner’s personal growth. If there is no personal space provided, there might be power dynamics in the relationship. One person might control everything and there is no space for personal mental peace and growth. Thus, you respect each other’s independence and need for personal space and time. If the relationship doesn’t feel smothering and co-dependent, then this might be a sign!

5. You value and respect each other!

Mutual respect is an important component of any relationship. “I treat you as my equal, and you treat me as your equal in return.” You value and respect each other’s beliefs, interests and cultures. Respect means taking the time to understand what is important to your partner, even though you don’t share common passions. Partners who respect each other and consider each other’s opinions while making a decision maintain a healthy relationship. When you truly respect your partner, you appreciate and embrace your differences. You work through it together and support each other through thick and thin instead of neglecting it.

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6. You know you can trust them!

Trust is the backbone of a relationship. Also, you trust your partner completely and have faith in them. You feel secure enough to open up emotionally in your relationship. You share your secrets, fears and negative habits openly and, you know they have your back and won’t cheat on you. But to trust someone, you need to also work through your insecurities. If you trust each other, then you will feel confident and secure in your relationship.

7. Small gestures and efforts Matter!!

Even small gestures like bringing flowers, planning out an impromptu date, picking up your favorite food when you are feeling stressed, and asking you, “How was your day?”. Being there when they need you and showing that they matter rather than gifting expensive things matters.


8. You feel a sense of comfort around them!

You feel a sense of comfort when you are around your partner, don’t need a filter when you are with them. Feel relaxed, you can speak freely, joke around, or sit in silence without it feeling awkward. You feel comfortable while sharing your fantasies and sexual interests. Physical comfort also matters. You feel a sense of calm when you hug them or hold each other’s hands. They make you comfortable when you are stressed or anxious.

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9. You fight!

Yes, having fights and arguments are equally important. That doesn’t mean you need to fight deliberately. While disagreements can be uncomfortable, small fights can help you understand each other better by addressing each other’s issues and finding solutions together. Setting ground rules for fighting, like not playing blame games or using cuss words, can also help you fight fairly and make your relationship stronger.

10. You laugh at each other’s jokes!

A sense of humor is a crucial trait in a life partner, and, according to research led by Jeffrey Hall, an associate professor at the University of Kansas, simply having a funny bone doesn’t mean you two are the perfect match—being able to laugh at the same things makes your partnership even stronger.

11. You and your partner are honest to each other!

Honesty is an integral part of any relationship. You and your partner both need to be honest with each other about everything. Be honest about how you are feeling about each other. You tell each other the truth, even if it is difficult. If you’re honest with each other, then only you can develop a sense of trust in your relationship. Honesty brings intimacy and understanding to your relationship.

12. You discuss each other’s goals and dreams!

You motivate each other to pursue your ambitions, goals, and interests rather than restring or control them. Also, you discuss each other’s future plans and encourage each other to work toward those plans. Your dreams aren’t just yours to achieve, your partner encourages and supports you in it.

13. Your partner respects your family and loved ones!

Your partner gets along with your family and loved ones and respects them. Although they might not like everything about your family, but they try their best to work through those differences. They care about your loved ones and spend qualitative time with them. They respect your family’s culture. You and your partner both make efforts to understand family’s role in your life.

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14. They prioritize you at any cost!

Everything is about priorities. If you are not their priority, then you are not a significant part of their life. You commit to each other despite difficulties in taking time from work schedules. You try to spare some time, if not every day, but twice or thrice a week when you spend quality time and keep your work aside. Prioritizing your partner is very crucial for a healthy relationship.

15. You grow together!

When you’re with the right person, you view your relationship as a vehicle for mutual growth. You see, each phase of life – successes, trials, and transitions – as opportunities to evolve into better versions of yourselves. You motivate each other to gain new skills, to take risks and expand your expertise. Growing together makes a relationship stronger.

When all the qualities are nurtured, the relationship grows stronger. While it can also be challenging to work through things, it is worth it. All journeys have their ups and downs, but sticking to each other during these stages makes your bond stronger and your love long lasting!



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