15 Interesting Ways to Be Productive In Life
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15 Interesting Ways to Be Productive In Life

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Do you ever feel you procrastinate too much? Or feel guilty about being unproductive? Do you find it difficult to keep yourself on track?
It is tough to get back on track, especially when we are addicted to short-form content on social media. Instagram reels and YouTube shorts are so attractive and addictive that you don’t even realize how much time passed by. Then, we feel guilty about it and feel unproductive in life. By consuming such short-form content, we find it difficult to motivate ourselves to return to work. Don’t worry; there are ways by which we can try to be productive in life.

Here are 15 interesting ways to be productive in life

1) Realistic Goal Setting:

We often create an unrealistic timetable and might as well follow it for a few days, but again, we return to our old routine. For example, you are planning to study three chapters in one day and then end up doing nothing. This happens because we set unrealistic goals, and when we aren’t able to achieve these goals, we give up on them or feel guilty about them. These unrealistic goals can lead to frustration and procrastination. Thus, setting achievable goals is important for productivity. Rather than setting a huge goal, break it down into small, achievable, and manageable goals. This is called chunking, which means breaking down bigger things into smaller chunks. Also, remember to set realistic deadlines and time limits.

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2) Create a Vision Board:

A vision board is a collage of images, pictures, positive affirmations, and quotes representing your goals and dreams. When you create a vision board, you feel motivated to work towards your goal and achieve your dreams. It helps to visualize your aspirations and keeps you focused, especially when you feel like giving up.

3) Daily To-Do List:

Add a to-do list in your daily morning routine. Every morning, try to write the list of tasks you need to accomplish and prioritize important tasks. This helps us to become organized in planning our day and is an effective way to stay organized and productive. Breaking down your day into manageable tasks will help you stay motivated and give a sense of satisfaction to cross the item off the list.

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4) Take small breaks:

While it’s important to stay focused and accomplish your tasks, it is also equally important to take breaks in between. Taking small breaks helps our brain to rest for some time in order to function better. The Pomodoro technique is a popular method that involves 25 minutes of work followed by 5 minutes of short breaks. It helps us stay fresh and energized throughout the day. During these breaks, stretch out a little bit, have some tea, coffee, and snacks, take a walk, etc. Use your breaks effectively, but remember to come back in time and start working again.

5) Minimize distractions:

Mobile phones can be a huge distraction and it might be hard to resist using your phone especially when a notification comes up from Instagram or Swiggy. To avoid such distractions, use website blockers or turn off the notifications in your phone settings. You can also use apps that lock out your phones for a specific time, which will help you focus by avoiding unnecessary notifications.

6) Reward Yourself:

Never forget to reward yourself after accomplishing a task. Positive reinforcement helps us to stay motivated and increases the likelihood of accomplishing more tasks in future. Celebrate your small successes in life which acts a motivator. These rewards can be simple and something which, you find pleasurable like watching a movie, going out for shopping, engaging in any hobbies etc. You need to learn to appreciate yourself for accomplishing even small goals or tasks. This will enhance your self-esteem and make you feel more productive.

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7) Setting Boundaries:

You have to materialize when it comes to work. It is important to set boundaries and limits in order to prioritize your choices. You need to establish clear boundaries with colleagues, friends, and family members. This doesn’t mean you cut off from them completely, it’s just about setting your priorities straight at the given moment of time.

8) Five-Minute Rule:

One of the techniques which can be employed is the “5-minute rule”. It states that when you feel unmotivated or resistant to start a task, try to commit yourself to work on the task for at least five minutes. So, once you begin working on the task, you will find it easier to continue working on the task. It helps you to overcome procrastination by making it easier to solve our most challenging issue which is getting started.

9) Use Productivity Apps:

Remember, mobile phones can become either our enemy or our friend. It is crucial to use them wisely. One of the ways to use them wisely is to download applications from the internet that might help you stay productive. These applications help you with task management, tracking time, and minimizing distractions. You can try out different apps and check which works best for you.

10) Incorporate the 8-hours rule:

The 8-hour rule is a simple rule to help balance your life effectively. This rule says you should engage in 8 hours of sleeping, 8 hours of hard work and 8 hours of leisure time for hobbies and interests. This rule is interesting and flexible and allows you to give equal importance to every aspect of your life. It helps us to avoid being overworked and stressed. It helps to balance our work life and allows us an equal amount of relaxation, productivity, and personal time. If you incorporate this into your daily routine, it will change your life and make you fresher and more energetic.

11) Change your surroundings:

The surroundings or the environment in which we live shape our behavior and actions. It is important for us to be in a surroundings where we feel productive. But, sometimes, change in the working environment is also important to help us rejuvenate with nature. Sometimes sitting in one room or the same office for work can make you feel dull and unmotivated to complete certain tasks. So, when this happens, try to change places such as going to a coffee shop, or sitting in a garden, etc. Research says that our environment influences how we behave or feel. Thus, the environment plays an essential role in increasing our productivity.

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12) Be assertive:

Assertiveness doesn’t mean being rude and disrespectful to someone. It means standing up for your needs and priorities in life. It is important to be assertive and say “NO” to someone when you don’t feel worth spending your energy and time on some activity or task. Being assertive is a skill that every person needs to incorporate in their life. You should be able to communicate your needs and priorities clearly and respectfully to someone.

13) Do smart work:

Do smart work rather than doing hard work. Working too hard is not always a solution. Sometimes, you need to work smarter in order to finish off your task. Nowadays, using AI tools has become common, and many people use such tools to help them complete their tasks. AI tools can help you accomplish more tasks in less time. But remember to use these tools wisely and appropriately.

14) Journaling:

Journaling is beneficial for us as it helps us to keep track of our thoughts and feelings. Keeping a journal can be a powerful tool for self-reflection and productivity. Take out your diary, and write down your plans, dreams, challenges, fears, and strategies. This will help you become clearer and more specific about your goals and also help you identify areas where you need to improve. Journaling is one way to keep you motivated and productive.

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15) Self-care time:

Always remember to get time for yourself. Neglecting self-care or “ME TIME” can lead to exhaustion or frustration. It can also lead to burnout, which will affect your productivity. Our body needs time to heal and rest. It will help us to think efficiently and plan our tasks. When you prioritize self-care, you will feel more energetic and focused which will help you become productive. So, these are some ways by which you can keep being productive.

Remember not to be too harsh on yourself and let yourself be as “YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE”.



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