10 Signs of Having a True Friendship

10 Signs of Having a True Friendship

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Some relationships in our lives are pre-made or God-given, such as those we have with our parents and siblings, while others are formed because of our comfort and emotional attachments, and we name them friendships. It is a sacred bond based on affection, trust, honesty, respect, and unconditional love. One accepts the other with all of their flaws in a relationship. We usually make many friends in our whole life, but there are some of them, which seems closest in comparison to others. We feel comfortable and unjudged in front of them. True friendship seems like an ingredient in the recipe of life. Without this essential ingredient, life remains tasteless.

If you are a friend of someone and have a great bond with that one person can relate to the following written 10 signs of true friendship.

1. Accepts you

In a true friendship, one will accept the way you are, the way you talk, the way you walk. They see every flaw as your quality. They accept your views and understand your plight. A true friend does not hesitate and brings his best in front of you. They always support you no matter what see your success as theirs and celebrate it to the fullest.

2. Respectful

A true friend will never be respectful verbally, but they show respect by their actions. They always respect your opinions and if you make any mistake, they always treat you better than your family member. They respect your boundaries and never pressure you to do anything which makes you feel uncomfortable.

3. Shares the same humour

A true friendship is not even closest to true if both of them do not share the same humour. The humour in a friendship is like a backbone to the relationship. They laugh at the same thing and it is psychologically proven that sharing a good laugh together strengthens your relationship. Hence, friendship is more like an unbreakable bond than all other bonds.

4. Personal Space

Everyone goes through a time when they need personal space and a true friend understands this fact. They give you your personal space whenever you need it and support you with your life decisions.

5. Non – Judgemental

True friends never judge your behaviour rather they behave like you. They never feel ashamed of you, they accept you with your flaws and imperfections.

6. Active listener

Conversations with true friends can be lifelong in which both listen to each other with the utmost concentration. The conversation does not go one-sided. They listen to you carefully and make decisions with you.

7. No jealousy

In a true friendship, there is no jealousy between each other they don’t see each other as competition and are happy in the success of any of them. It is a key point of friendship not to be jealous as jealousy comes with rivalry and ego. There is a soft corner for the two friends in each other’s heart and they see each other as someone close to them and closeness is never related to jealousy.

8. Always count on

A true friendship is one where the two can always count on each other. They have a safe place among them and can always be there for each other in the crisis. To distinguish between a good friendship is to see whether the two can count on each other in bad times. It shows their genuine care towards each other and their love for each other.

9. Trustworthy

The most important component of a good friendship is trust among each other. A good friend is someone u can trust and be transparent in front of them. Trust is an important component in any relationship and if trust is gained for someone it is because that person has a special place in one’s heart. As one sees their friend listening to their conversation, hiding their secrets from others and always helping them this gains trust in each other.

10. Sticks by your side

A good friend will always stick by your side no matter what they know the capability of each other and can see who is wrong and who is right. As there is trust and respect for each other in a crisis or fight, they will always be stuck towards each other. Friendship also has a brotherhood quality as they also stuck by each other in good as well as bad times. They gain the confidence of seeing each other as honest and truthful and that is what makes them stick by each other. And also, it’s a main component too as if your friend sticks by your side in the whole situation it shows how they admire you and wants to protect you and stand by you in any circumstances.

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