C.R. Mukundan

C.R. Mukundan

Executive Editor

Former Head of Department , NIMHANS

I am a clinical psychologist – currently working as an honorary chairperson at the Axxonet brain research laboratory. I am also a co-guide to some Ph.D. students, visit university and academic clinical institutions as an invited member of their research committees.

I was Professor and Head of Department of Clinical Psychology at the National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences, Bangalore; Professor Emeritus at the Institute of Behavioural Science, Gujarat Forensic Sciences University at Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

I have set up clinical neuropsychology services and neuropsychological laboratory at NIMHANS. I have developed various clinical neuropsychological assessment methods at NIMHANS for testing patients and training students. I also designed a 24 channels EEG System. Moreover, I developed a computerized cognitive retraining programme called Brain Function Therapy.

I created a computerized Neurobehavioral Control and Potentiality Measurements and have also invented the Brain Electrical Oscillations Signature (BEOS) profiling system for forensic and clinical applications.

I had worked in various universities which are: KGMC, Lucknow; NIMHANS, Bangalore (1974-2003) and was the professor Emeritus and director, IBS, GFSU, Gandhinagar (2013-2016) which sums up 35 years of experience.

My qualifications are diploma in medicine and social psychology and Ph.D. I have international experience of conducting various workshops and conferences and am associated with forensic psychological investigations (Singapore). I have about 100 research publications in national and international journals. Last but not the least, I have contributed chapters in several books and have published four books.


Clinical Psychology


  • Website : www.psychologs.com

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