Psychologs eMagazine July 2021

Psychologs eMagazine July 2021




Psychologs eMagazine is India’s first mental health and psychology magazine that caters to a diverse range of topics within the field of psychology. While its primary focus is psychology/Mental Health, the magazine goes beyond academic discussions and aims to connect psychology and everyday life. It provides valuable insights and knowledge that can be applied in various aspects of our life, including personal growth, parenting, relationships, and well-being.

This issue argues Whether Eysenck was involved in a scientific scandal or if his work resulted from study errors is a matter of debate and interpretation. It’s important to note that Eysenck was a prominent psychologist known for his research on personality and intelligence. However, there have been discussions and criticisms regarding some aspects of his work in recent years.

One of the main controversies surrounding Eysenck’s research relates to his associations with the tobacco industry. Is Eysenck received funding from tobacco companies in the 1980s? There were allegations that his research downplayed the links between smoking and cancer. Critics argue that this raises concerns about the integrity of his scientific work and the potential influence of industry funding on his findings.

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