According to the report by the Nation Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) death due to drug abuse in all states and union territories of the state are that in 2017, there were in total of 745 people who died of a drug overdose in India with the highest of 125 in Rajasthan and then 84 in Uttar Pradesh. According to the 2018 Senses, a total of 875 people died, again highest in Rajasthan with 153, and 91 in Karnataka. Then in 2019 total number was 704, which is the lowest compared to the previous years, with 108 in Tamil Nadu, 67 in Karnataka. Rajasthan has consistently shown higher rates of deaths with overdose in the time period.

Drug abuse is a self-destructive pattern in which the individual excessively uses the drug to a point where the body and the mind get addicted to the drug and with time the tolerance level keeps increasing eventually leading to problems with the body and mind both leading to distress, driving away from your actual real life to the life in which you are mostly high and no care for work or those around us. Drugs are addictive because they give this ‘high’ feeling to us which in itself is addictive and we as humans want to experience it again leading to making us additive to it and our body needing it, and it later on our body experiences withdrawal symptoms if we do not take it. Even though these drugs can temporarily make us feel good and euphoric but it degrades our life as because of them a lot of other personal, social and family problems arise and also with our professional field. People who intake drugs on a regular basis are treated differently in society as well as people look at them differently and keep their kids and families away from them and tend to keep a distance from them eventually leading to social problems of the drug user which will later lead to having problems related to self of the person.

Even though there are some very common drugs which the majority of people abuse like alcohol, smoking, cocaine, marijuana, heroin, over the counter drugs but there are people who abuse even the most wired thing present at their own houses so the things people abuse varies a lot but there are some very common one to also others like inhalers or even the household cleansers. There can be various reasons and causes involved on why people get into drugs which can be that the person got exposed to drugs from their friends or someone else, they were curious about it and later got addicted to it. Social factors are very important but if the person is self-aware and has discipline and self-control, then these factors can be compacted. Even though we keep blaming outside factors for the involvement of the person with drugs but one’s own vulnerability also highly depends.

Psychological factors are extremely important in relation to drug abuse and addiction. If the person is going through any of these problems such as mood disorders like early aggressive behaviors, depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder, thought disorders like schizophrenia, as well as personality disorders like antisocial personality disorder, then the tendency for a person suffering from these problems because way higher to move towards drugs as use of the drug is an easy way out of their problems. In that high feeling, all the problems vanish away for a small period of time without realizing that because of this they’re going come back stronger to them and against them. Bad childhood experiences and lack of parental supervision and guidance can be other factors for drug abuse.

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