Veerti Mehta

Clinical Psychologist

1+ years of experience

English, Hindi

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307, 3rd floor, SNS Axis, Opposite Jeevan Bharti School, Nanpura



About Psychologist

Founder at Encode Mental Health Clinic, Veerti visioned a space focused on catering to individuals with mental health concerns. She has worked directly with clients, conducting assessments, diagnosing mental health conditions, and providing evidence-based interventions and therapies.The education of BSc. (Hons.) from United Kingdom, MSc in Clinical Psychology and MPhil in Clinical Psychology (RCI) have helped her to work with diverse cultures, strata of society as well as varied societies. During this period, she had the opportunity apply her knowledge and skills in real-world settings under the guidance of experienced professionals at varied hospitals in Mumbai such as Sion Hospital, SRCC hospital, Jagruti Rehabilitation Center, Regional Mental Hospital etc. Her knowledge and experience can assist clients through various mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, substance use, grief, stress management, adjustment to life changes and behavioral concerns.


  • M.Phil in Clinical Psychology, Amity University, Mumbai


  • Clinical Psychologist, Encode Mental Health Clinic (2022 - Present)


  • A88481, Rehabilitation Council of India


Depression Bipolar Relationship Counselling Psychological Testing Anxiety Disorders Mood Disorders Personality Disorders Substance-Related Disorders Substance Addiction Developmental Issues Schizophrenia Stress Management

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Behaviour Therapy Cognitive therapy Dialectical behavior therapy Rational emotive behavior therapy Acceptance and commitment therapy
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