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Why All Crimes Are Happen? Why Our Children’s Goes To Drugs? – Is The Mental Health Of Our Children’s Important?


Have you ever observed the people around us? Those who suffering from mental stress, and find it difficult to open up about their problems without a sincere relationship. As well as those who live with the ups and downs of relationships. We often don’t know anything about them. That is why we often say “What was missing in their life?” when we hear the suicide news of many of them. We are only concerned about the physical health. That’s why we are only aware of physical illnesses. Mental health is just as important as physical health. However, the importance of mental health is limited only to some texts, posters and programmers of mental health days.

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The time has comes for to change. The lack of awareness about mental health is a major reason for today’s rising crimes and suicide rates. There was definitely a mental health problem behind many of the crimes that happen around us. The attitude to mentally ill by others and the low likelihood of recidivism drive people to commit heinous crimes.

Even some mental problems that start in childhood can cause behavioural problems in their adulthood. Recognizing it and giving them the necessary treatment is the way to bring them back to life. Many theories explain that the crimes and delinquency as a result of personality traits focus on delinquency as an externalizing behaviour representing internal pathology.

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How can improve the mental health of our children?

If you are a typical mother, you worry about your child’s vaccinations, worry about your child’s immunity, worry about your child’s growth and learning. But it is not even thought that the mental health of children is more important than this. They are the good citizens of tomorrow. The accused in many drug cases and other crimes today were once children. Then where did they go wrong? That is why it is said that the mental health of children is important. Here are some tips to improve mental health in children.

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First and foremost you need to understand that your children are always watching you. So face problems very positively. Always be in good mental health. If you have uncontrollable thoughts, loss of sleep, or if your appetite is affected, do not hesitate to consult a mental health professional. Always keep in mind that many untreated problems can lead to the breakdown of a family. It definitely affects not only you but also your children.

1. Play with them: The time we spend with our children is very important. Many parents nowadays are stingy with the time they spend with their children due to their workload. Never accept it. During that time with you, children will learn about various forms of cooperation and giving up.

2. Build trust: Avoid lying to children. When we get angry, we often say to our children, I won’t buy you that, I won’t buy you this, but we will make it happen later. This is the wrong way. If you say no, you mean no. Avoid unnecessary sentimentality. This leads to untrusted.

3. Foster healthy relationships: Encourage positive relationships. Many of us encourage our children to socialize based on status. End it. Children have a lot to learn from relationships. Leave them open. Also, adjust your circle of surveillance around them in a way that doesn’t bother them.

4. Teach stress management: Teach children how to deal with an emotional upset. Explain the disadvantages of switching to other methods. Also, remember that advice is something children are not interested in. So to understand this passively show examples or movies from around.

5. Establish health habits: Get used to exercise. Make a habit of eating nutritious food. etc. inculcate good health habits. Remember that this includes everything that children are sitting and walking

6. Develop self-esteem and confidence: Building self-confidence in children is an important task. What’s wrong with you, if you think it won’t happen, end this all questions and end with comparisons with other children. Avoid using negative words for children. If the kids fail one time or if the marks are low in the exam, don’t make fun of him, say “It’s okay, we will catch this next time. You can achieve that.” It will boost his confidence. Remember that not all babies have the same mental ability. Recognize and encourage children’s talents.

Most importantly, you’ve never heard of this famous saying that “the unbroken toys in your showcase are symbols of your children’s broken childhood.” So let our children grow up with a good childhood

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