The Psychology Behind Your Travel Personality

the psychology behind your travel personality

Personality is a complex concept. Pondered over since human civilisation came into existence, it has been extensively studied and researched, so much so that it forms a categorical area of study in psychology. Theories propagated to date, explain types and characteristics of personality in their own ways. Although it is consensus that predictions and changes of fewer parts are possible though not the whole personality. No universal definition of personality exists, which makes it more accommodating and more complex at the same time. Trait theory particularly defines people, their psychological wiring and its manifestations in all behaviours.

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Travelling, unlike personality is a popularly known and vastly enjoyable term. Now, we may find people going to places and enjoying themselves in their unique ways but does this choice of holidaying or vacationing can predict some hidden aspects of their personalities as well? Maybe that could reveal the Charisma you hold or your leadership, your lazy or prompt behaviour, your sensitivity or firmness. Basically something peculiar which only travelling shares with that of your personality. Every individual is different and exhibits different travel choices. Having listed a few here, the numbers can keep increasing but here are some insights:

1. Solo :

A commonly associated trait for solo travellers is extrovert, outgoing people, which up to some extent holds true. But there can be people with all in personality, though the. strongest common thread would be a sense of self-confidence (inherent or acquired). They uphold the independence of where to go and what to do. Also, they tend to be more sociable and are thrilled by spontaneity. These are stimulus seekers, which again differ subjectively. They are explorers, of the external environment as well as themselves. They usually have an approach to introspection, identity and the confidence to keep learning from and correcting mistakes.

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2. Group :

People who prefer to go in groups can be identified as little introvert, who doesn’t want to go through the hassle of choosing. all by themselves, developing relationships in less or no time and thus tagging along with a group or at least a couple of people all the time. Usually, they partner with their known people, share comfort levels and fairly well likes and dislikes too. A certain sense of security and affiliation is important to them which is manifested by their tendency to visit only in groups.

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3. Laidback

These are sightseers, easy-going, happy-go-lucky people. Often carefree, untroubled, and informal, these people can be characterized as calm and composed, having casual outlooks and generally have an acceptance of everything and everyone around them. This wins them a wide social circle and long-lasting relationships. Their approach to travel is typical, some popular places, some common friends and some common activities. Not much into surprise or exploring, these people are more into planned activities, and social gatherings and cherishing it.

4. Planned

Their clocks tickle more than anything. Planning every single thing in advance, they make sure all remains under control. They are punctual, immensely organized and entertained with no fuss and they are typical tourists, with planned itineraries, research about the place they are heading and love to go exactly according to the plan. They might get a little anxious if their initial plan gets disturbed.

5. Unplanned

On the contrary to planned people, they are least anxious and rather convert even chaos into fun. They are adventure seekers, outgoing and make sudden plans. They might be found to be a bit disorganized but largely fun-loving, they like the chaos around them and the thrill of the unknown.


This world is full of people, each with a unique personality and a unique perspective of theirs. The personality we reflect is a sum total of our traits, social and cultural inputs, and learnings and it becomes significantly visible in our behaviour. We act what we are! Travelling is a form of activity we take up and eventually, it does reflect a piece of our `self’ and personality. Decoding a person completely on one aspect of behaviour or activity is neither possible nor justified, but we can always get an idea of the tiny piece of little iceberg visible floating.

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