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Carpe Diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.

We all have plans to visit or go to a place or another. We’ve all got a list of places where we like to go, maybe with our friends or family or a lover for that matter. Goa with friends? You got it. Maldives with your significant other? Absolutely. A vacation to the mountains with your family? Perfect. We all love to visit and explore some of the most exquisite places on the planet for various reasons. It might be because of the crushing workload that’s been upon you for as long as you can remember, or you want to go and celebrate a special occasion with your loved ones. It might very well be that your own desire and intriguing nature to explore and learn new things to make your life more adventurous and worth living, the adrenaline a person experiences makes it worth. Travelling has many benefits for a person and one of the many is getting experience and exposure to a different kind of setting than your usual one. A break from your routine life is a delight for any person. Every place has its own culture, traditions and beliefs, behaviour, choices and motivations, which undoubtedly would be different from ours. We get to learn and have a different and unique experience while we try to adjust there. Bowing in South Korea is considered to be basic etiquette a person should know while meeting other people. Small gestures like eating with your right hand or leaving your shoes on the porch is a part of a culture in Islam. In Japan, one is supposed to sleep on the floor just like the Japanese culture dictates. These etiquette and values that we imbibe while we travel to different places helps us to learn to adjust at different places as well. Respecting their culture and following them gives you a different perspective to life. Something which is insignificant in your life and environment can be prestigious for another. Getting a perspective of how different people are from each other, not only their behaviours but also their mindsets, thoughts, reasoning which makes you understand them even more. It helps you to connect with other people despite not knowing them nor their language. Having a perspective and understanding these differences among us is what brings us closer to each other and makes us one. BTS, K-Pop band, is one of the sensational bands which has a fanbase of millions of people from all around the world. Their music, passion, culture is something which lured such a large audience to them and fans from around the world watch, groove and enjoy their music together. Travelling gives you something that you didn’t have or knew with the resources or the environment you were in. Being exposed to new places, people and cultures helps you to develop a wider world view and will make you a better-rounded global citizen. This is one of the many reasons why people love to travel to different places. Travelling, in a way, is a challenge for people, and since people love the adrenaline rush they get after doing something adventurous or new, people end up travelling to various places in order to find a new challenge. It gives a meaning to their boring and mundane lives.

While you travel, you realise that there are several skills that you end up learning during your stay. It’s travel that makes you realise and makes you happy and satisfied with yourself. Accomplishment you felt when you did your laundry for the first time or bought groceries on your own or maybe successfully ordered a meal at a rural Japanese restaurant. Learning is something which motivates people to travel. Experiencing something unfamiliar and handling it, making your way through it leaves you with a feeling of happiness and thrill as now, when you leave the place you know a new skill or knowledge that could most probably help you with your future endeavours. Travelling gives you more hands on experience and knowledge than any educational institution. Learning geography or history of a place sitting in a small room would account to nothing than actually going out there and learning. Every destination has something unique to teach a person, indulging oneself in a completely different world is the best learning experience. A new language or a new cuisine that you tried, or any aspect of different culture or a deeper appreciation of spirituality. You’ll be able to discover various different things other than your goals and discover new ways of doing certain things as well. Experiencing this learning in real life rather than any textbook will make it stay with you throughout your life, the new skills, the new insights you’ve gained. All these challenges and opportunities that are being presented in front of you during your travels helps you discover yourself. Meeting different people and forming a bond with them, the feeling is immeasurable. Their names are most valued in your contact list, they make you remember those places where you spent some of the most enjoyable moments. They become places in the map to visit later in life. They give you a new perspective and experience, something different from your usual routine life. As travelling facilitates us with new perspectives, it also has the beneficial by-product of making you less stressed and anxious when faced with an unfamiliar situation in your day to day life. Instead of dealing with the situation in angst and unease, the people who travel are more open and willing to accept the changes presented in front of them as while travelling one should be prepared for anything to happen. A person automatically starts being more observant and cautious in a new environment. You take note of everything that is happening around you as you are anticipating and excited for things to happen.

Lastly, people love to visit exotic places either to celebrate a special occasion or to escape from their demanding and busy life. To make a special occasion even more memorable, we ought to go somewhere far from our hectic schedules at home. Sharing those precious moments with your family, relatives and friends gives you unforgettable shared memories for lifetime as well. People want their travels to be different from what they are used to. A nice scenery, a refreshing weather and freedom to do whatever you want, something they don’t have in their fast paced lives. Admiring masterpieces in Louvre or burying your feet deep inside the sand and listening to waves hitting the shore. Workaholics find these travels to be refreshing and stimulating as it proves to be good for your mind as well as your body. The relaxation you get helps you to have a peace of mind and heal. Once you are back to your regular life, you are ready for all the challenges that are waiting for you at your work or personal life. You now have a different perspective coupled with new ways to understand and solve a problem. Travelling teaches you some basic life skills like managing your time efficiently, appreciating and working with things you get, accommodating with the changes presented to you. Just like everything in your life, travelling does it’s bit and helps you grow.

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