The First Feeling of Becoming a Mother

First feeling of mother

Motherhood comes with a lot of emotions and feelings like happiness, exhaustion, irritability, confidence, fear of missing out etc. And it is subjective to every mother depending on the support they get from their closed ones. Every mother has their own experiences, but there are some common emotions or feelings a mother experiences.

Motherhood is an Adventurous Experience

It is an amazing experience to become a mother first time. It feels like riding a roller coaster because of so many ups and downs that is like an adventure in itself. There is no such experience that can be compared to that first feeling of becoming a mother and you are not alone of feeling this way. Every mother is trying to figure out their take on this journey. The first year of parenting, especially motherhood is the hardest period. But at the same time it is the most rewarding time as well. It comes with lots of firsts of your child. For example, their first laugh, first outing, learning to sit, reaction to different situations, objects etc. these moments become the precious memories of your life.

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Sometimes, it can get very exhausting. Spend some alone time and take some break from the daily grind of parenting. It is very important for your confidence, mental as well as physical health and sanity to make some time for yourself. Taking a good care of yourself will also help you to take good care of baby as well. It is important for you to stay fit and happy in order to provide happy and healthy environment to your baby as well.

Feeling of Loneliness

The first experience of motherhood can also bring a feeling of loneliness. You might feel isolated or unloved. During pregnancy, expected mothers get a lot of love and attention and it is possible that after delivery, the child gets all the affection and mothers might get sidelined. In such cases, it is very common for a mother to feel unloved.

In order to prevent such feelings from extending, there are few ways to get over such feelings of loneliness. Getting in touch with the fellow mothers and forming a community with them can be a good way. This will provide mothers a platform to express their feelings and struggles of being a mother without the fear of judgement because every fellow mother must be going through their own struggles.

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Connecting with fellow mothers can help to prevent the feelings of loneliness and isolation by sharing your feelings and insecurities with them. It is also very common to feel a sense of loss of identity after becoming a mother. Most of the time a mother has to abandon their social lives because of some of the drastic changes in patterns of life. Having babies can change our support systems as well.

It is also very important to share your feelings and problems with your husband or spouse and communicate your needs to them. Being a parent is a responsibility of both mother and father. Therefore, it is important to bring the father in the frame as well. Having a healthy relationship with the father of your child can help you feel less lonely and more loved.

Learning by Trial and Error

We all make mistakes in our firsts. It is very normal to make mistakes as a first time mother as well. Making mistakes do not make you a bad mother. It will take some time for you to understand what works for your child and what does not. You might not be able to figure out the reason for your baby’s crying initially, if they are hungry or sleepy. However, with time and by trial and error, you will eventually understand their needs.

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Being Yourself

When a woman becomes a mother, her life starts revolving around the baby. In that process of being a perfect mother, one might lose her self-identity. It is important for mothers to pursue something that makes them happy so that they do not lose their self while trying to provide the best to their baby.

Especially, it can be a very overwhelming feeling for a first time mother to take all the responsibilities. They have to take care of this tiny human, feeding them from time to time, taking them to doctor for checkups, shopping for them, doing their laundry etc. can get very stressful for the first time mothers. Sometimes, it can affect the mental health of the mother as well. They might develop the feelings of anxiety or might even get into depression. To prevent such conditions, it is important for them to make some time for themselves and do something they like.

Coping with Vulnerabilities

During the postpartum period, it is very difficult for new mothers to cope with the feeling of emptiness. They feel unsure if they can provide her best to the baby or not. Generally, women postpartum are very vulnerable and are likely to fall into depression and other mental health issues. They might even develop insecurities about their body and appearance.

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Therefore, it is important for the family and friends of new mothers to take a good care of them, support and encourage them throughout the journey and help them to cope with their vulnerabilities. During this period, even a small comment on the looks or their capabilities as a mother can be hurtful to them. Therefore, it is important to maintain a positive and healthy atmosphere for a new or first time mother.

Motherhood is a unique feeling for every woman. But there are few things that remain the same for every mother throughout their parenting journey. A mother can and will make mistakes which is completely okay because that is how she becomes a better mother.

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