Imbibing Mental Health

Imbibing Mental Health

Time passes by
Days edge with heavy sigh
Exclaiming with a phony smile
Narrating, ‘life has been down hilling for a while’

Situations got no cure
Negative thoughts the mind lure
Scars entomb deep within
Fight: the world won’t allow you to fit in

What is to be done?
How is this fight to be won?
You preach ‘we are one’
Yet, my erratic conditions you shun

We praise the widening of mental health
For we believe inner strength is the only wealth
But why is there no reverence to mental health issues?
Only sympathy, sugar coats and ‘me too’s’

Never considering mental health specialists
Shielding under societal patterns and the denial lists
We need to spring up and assert
Mental health should get the spurt

It’s high time we endorse
Before the conditions of the country get worse
Recognizing and accepting mental health conditions is critical
Getting timely attention and treatment becomes pivotal

Let’s unite,
The fire within to ignite
Let’s fight the stigma,
Mental health to grow mega

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