Benevolence and Love!

Since our childhood we are taught


to be smart, to be clever,


prioritise ourselves.


Gradually we learn that the only vital thing in our life starts from I, Me,


My life, My things.


Tangled in the cobweb of I and Me we tend to forget about Our and We;


And then we talk about Kindness, Humanity, Love.


We always think that this world is so negative,


Why don’t we think that we are the part of this world and we are also be negative?


Why don’t we change our perspective instead of changing others?


This world needs a new dimension of


Thoughts and Perception.


Let’s Unlearn and Relearn,


Ponder upon,


Spread the Real Kindness!


Spread the Real Love!


Introspect, Reflect, Revive and Respect!

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