I am trying

Every day, every night is the unsung war of my fight 
But am trying hoping that everything will be alright 
Am not coward, am not weak, I don’t want to die
Am trying and these cuts are the proof of these wars, that I don’t wish to say goodbye 
Am not suicidal,am just tired and exhausted 
Am trying,it’s just the strength in me has been extracted
My mind is now the forest full of thorns, where every animal of my thought gets wild 
But am trying, because even I miss the way I smiled 
Mental illness is not about that it’s all in the mind
Even though after trying, the brain still gets blind 
But still am trying that someday the sun, the moon and the heaven will shine upon me 
The day will come when I will love myself, my friends, my family and I will no more be an amputee
I am a shooting star, wishing to impart hope from my heart even when falling and dying 
Because I know, I am trying
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