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How To Confront Your Anger And Cultivate Emotional Stability

anger management is important for one's own well-being

The rise in technology and access to knowledge in the last few decades is apparent in the kind of appliances being used: Smartphones, Smartwatches, smart TVs, and so on. This prefix of Smart puts information about anything and everything with the click of a finger. While this connects one to everyone around the world, it is also threatening to take people away from themselves. This has led to a rise in mental health-related issues in the same time frame. Understanding oneself, the problem, and how to address these issues is the first step in the de-stigmatization of mental health.

Understanding the Root Cause of Anger and Frustration

Most of the psychological problems are caused by the person’s lack of understanding of oneself. Once this step is done, half of the work is done. The past year has seen a dramatic increase in mental health-related issues all across the globe, but it is worse in India, owing to the stigma attached. People either don’t believe they have any psychological problem and even if they somehow understand it, they do not seek help from a psychologist or psychiatrist. The thought is “I am not crazy, why should I go to a psychologist?”

The root cause of this is the anger and frustration one feels and is unable to express constructively. The past year has been a clear example of how there has been a drastic increase in cases of domestic violence due to this very reason. People feel stressed with online mode, there is a lack of communication in the house due to the same, there can be reasons like early menopause which cause pendular mood swings and dramatic increase in anger and frustration. This leads to overwhelming emotions to the point that one does not know what to do with them.

Anger – The Inner Demon

This clash is not limited to the pandemic. It happens specifically in middle-aged parents (35-45 years) who have adolescent children. Both are going through hormonal problems. Lack of communication and understanding between the two parties often leads to anger outbursts. The disputes within the family disturb the family environment, which leads to unidentified anger issues and a disturbed family for generations as the suffering children emulate what they have seen.

Therefore, there should be “no technology time” and “family time” for the family to be with each other without distractions. One needs to be approachable in the family, not speaking up and the “Jaane do” attitude leads to a rise in pent-up emotions which eventually leads to the volcanic eruption of emotions. It is understandable to not bother with small issues but when it gets too much, one should sit down and talk. Anger is a learned habit. It is not to say that one should not get angry ever, shutting up is not a solution either. It is just that if one party is getting angry, the other should not, whether it is between husband-wife or children and parents.

The next step after understanding is to manage one’s emotions. The key is to be a good listener, primarily between husband and wife and then the whole family. Sharing, developing good communication, and emotional bonding should be done from the initial years. The person should feel that their family understands them so they feel free to share.

Tips to Maintain Emotional Balance

There is a right way to vent anger. But one must consider how, where, and with whom they vent. There are also certain tips to maintain equilibrium and staying fit which eventually leads to a reduction in outbursts and pent-up emotions. These include eating a calcium-rich diet, fruits, and green vegetables; doing light exercises; expressing gratitude; keeping oneself busy, calm, and happy; and seeking help and support. For inner transformation, one should pray, do yoga, and join a laughter club.

Accepting the problems and emotions a person has inside of them in the right way, without getting negative about it, is built on the foundation of knowing that everyone has these emotions, it shows one expresses them as the issue. And that comes from communication and sharing. It is important to take a break, wash your face, and drink a glass of water. Sharing also gives one the option and knowing that they have constant social support in the form of one’s family. Taking psychological help is an option if nothing works. If one has a fever, they sit at home for two days and treat it with known remedies but if it does not improve, they go to the doctor. The same is and should be the case with psychological health. In conclusion, everything in life has a solution, one just needs to work on it.

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