Embracing Victory and Defeat: The Essence of Sportsmanship


Whether in the field or in life, both victory and defeat are our companions. However, we only anticipate the sweetness accompanied by victory, thinking that loss can be avoided. Looking into the Indian Cricket team’s performance in the 2023 World Cup, there are moments to celebrate, such as its 10 wins on the trot that got them into the finals. Then there’s the sinking feeling that is still being experienced by every Indian fan, and most of all, the Indian cricket team.

This loss after consecutive victories serves as a reminder that losing comes with the territory- no matter how skilled you are. But with loss, one also needs to demonstrate sportsmanship. Your way of coping and your response to these defeats speaks volumes about your character and your ability to face the ups and downs of life.

So, why is sportsmanship necessary? Loss is that unwanted part of life that always finds a way to creep in. How you deal with it decides if you are ready to grow. You can either throw it all away thinking you aren’t fit for the task, or you can learn from your mistakes and move forward. Sportsmanship not only finds a way for you to cope with loss but also lets you contribute to maintaining a healthy environment around you. This article helps you reflect on your attitudes towards victory and defeat. It acknowledges the emotions that all of India is currently going through and highlights how to move forward from such loss.

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The Thrill of Victory vs. the Sting of Defeat

Every Indian is instilled with a competitive spirit from a very young age. Whether it’s in academics or extracurricular activities, it has always been a race. Being presented with medals and certificates from pre-school itself, there is a rise in competition in everyday life. With competition, victory and defeat go hand in hand. While this is a great way to stimulate a thriving attitude from childhood, it also shows you that if you aren’t winning, you have failed. This failure is then attributed to life.

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Victory is more than just winning a match- it is a reminder of all the hard work you have put towards your goal. It’s a finish line- a rewarding moment that celebrates every minute that you’ve worked towards achieving something for yourself. Other peoples’ joy adds up to your own, making the moment special. It serves as a morale booster that motivates you to achieve more.

Every child is taught to win, but how often do you hear that it is okay to lose? Often, the fear of defeat is related to the disappointment caused by those who support you. One of the first thoughts associated with loss is ‘What do they think of me now’ or ‘How will I face them?’ The reason these questions surface is also the experiences people have had. If you lose a competition or score bad marks, you are likely to hear comments suggesting that you could have won, or done better, if you worked harder. These comments find a way to pull you down and make you feel insufficient or worthless.

Dealing with the Loss

Cricket is not just a game- it is an emotion. Every Indian household has grown up watching matches on the television. Match days unite all of India, as synchronized cheers break out to support our beloved Indian Cricketers. With such a deep emotional connection to the game, the feelings triggered by victory or defeat are much deeper. Every win is celebrated with equal enthusiasm everywhere. However, the loss of the World Cup left an entire nation disappointed.

This was visible when the stadium went silent after the Aussies won by six wickets. While the shock of our own team losing might be hard to look past, many fans turned to the internet to express their opinions against the attitude of those present at the stadium. Atul Kasbekar, an Indian Photographer, posted “Need proper fans inside a stadium” as he continued to express what true sportsmanship should look like. Other X users posted videos of the stadium, commenting on the atmosphere. Many visitors left the stadium when the match ended, instead of staying for the presentation ceremony.

The legendary Indian Captain, Kapil Dev showed his support through an Instagram story that read “You have played well boys. Keep your chin up. The trophy was the ultimate in your minds, but you’ve emerged winners nonetheless.” On behalf of the nation, he further wrote that “India is proud of you.” The team was further uplifted by PM Narendra Modi, who wrote “Dear Team India, Your talent and determination through the World Cup was noteworthy…” Sunil Gavaskar, Indian Commentator and former Cricketer showed sportsmanship by acknowledging that “there’s no shame in losing to a better team. A team that was better on the day, just like India was better on the day of the first match.”

It’s Time to be a Good Sport:

Sometimes, it is unavoidable to face loss. What can we do to make it better? Start by focusing on everything you are feeling. Find a medium to let out all the frustration, anger and disappointment of the situation. Remember- showing sportsmanship should not be limited to the leaders of the nation or sportspeople. Every Indian is obligated to do the same. Look past defeat and use it as a learning opportunity.

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It is a stepping stone, don’t let it be the weight that pulls you down. Exhibit sportsmanship- even a match starts with a handshake. You need to be the best version of yourself, not the best of all. Have a positive attitude and make sure you do your best. Things will not always work on your terms, and that’s just life. Let yourself know that it’s okay. Learn to accept loss without blaming others, and always get back up. As a country that would go all out in celebrating the team’s success, it’s important to show the Indian cricket team that they are not alone. They have the love and support of an entire country to help them move forward and prepare for upcoming challenges.

Final Word

Embrace the good and the bad. Whether or not you win today should not decide if you will be trying tomorrow. It might seem to be devastating today, but your loss is another life lesson that makes you stronger and teaches you how to grow in your journey. Pulling someone else down to lift yourself up is not the way. Keep in mind that the situation could be reversed at any given moment of time, and treat your opponents the way you’d want to be treated. Don’t let jealousy or negative comments get the best of you. If you are not in someone else’s shoes, don’t put them in a position that might make them question their hard work. Always be there to support others, and loss will find itself in the past.

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