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How To Deal With Failure And Rejection?

Life is a journey full of joy, surprises and hardships which teaches us valuable lessons along the way, thus motivating us to fulfill our purpose of life and accomplish our dreams. Life is way more complex than we can imagine. It is best described by comparing it with the sea-waves. The ascending and descending of the waves symbolizes the ups and down in human life. Happiness and Sadness are the two facets of the same coin.

In life everyone wishes for success and works hard for the same but sometimes things don’t happen the way we want. It’s for sure each one of us would have faced failure or got rejected at least once in our lifetime. Let it be getting rejected by your dream company or being failed to qualify for an exam or reaching to your goal. Life gives you the taste of failure when you least expect it and in some phase of life negativity from continuous failures and rejection empowers us, starts consuming us and we feel shattered and broken. We reach a point where we make up our mind to give up. This is indeed the most heart-breaking time for a person. This is the point where you will witness yourself breaking into pieces, you start having self-doubt. Your self-esteem falls and all your dreams and goals appear to be impossible to accomplish. At this moment, life seems as unfair, doesn’t it? Well, we all have gone through such a phase at least once in our lifetime. This phase may break us but still we have to keep our spirit to get up and try again. These Failures or setbacks are temporary; it’s a part of life. If you fail, never give up because getting up each time the failure throws you down is the most worthy lesson you may learn. Persistent hard work and never giving up spirit are the key elements which help us to achieve success.

People say failure is the sweetest poison, but in reality it’s the foremost bitter elixir of life. Looking through the positive perspective it provides us a second chance to reform ourselves, to become a better improved person (more powerful, more enthusiastic and optimistic). Failure highlights our most vulnerable and weakest points and encourages us to alter our weakness into our strength, to create a stronger version of ourselves. Life provides opportunity to every person, however at different times. One may become a rich person at age of 54 while one finds success at the age of 17. Life never fails to give us a chance, sooner or later you have got it.

Some of the Coping strategies which can help to cope with failure are mentioned below:-

  • Develop Gratitude: Appreciating what you have achieved even if it’s a small achievement and being thankful for things you have is the smartest thing you can do and unfold positivism. Meditation and yoga are often very useful to keep our mind relaxed and calm.
  • Identify Positive Attributes: Each rejection, each failure has something to teach us, concentrating on our mistakes and learning from them is the most positive thing you can do. Focusing on the positive aspect of things will keep up your spirit, thus motivating you to work hard for your dreams.
  • Companionship: Talking to your friends and family and seeking help whenever necessary is very important. Relying on them in your tough times isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s okay to seek support when in need. Rather it’s an act of bravery because it takes courage to express your emotions to others.

Everything in life happens for a reason, obstacles we face, people we meet, things we experience. Our destiny has already set our times and these failures are just playing a role within, preparing us for a better tomorrow. Nothing in life comes free, we have to earn it, fight for it and the road to our dreams aren’t smooth. Along the path we have to face several obstacles and challenges but sometimes we may stumble and witness setbacks which is failure, but you never know when these failures will become your power. These setbacks can be a blessing in disguise to shield you and teach you. The more you fail, the stronger you become. Failure and rejection are part of our success journey and both promote growth. If we hope for a better tomorrow, we will have a better tomorrow.

However, statements like ‘‘everything happens for a reason’’ are often taken as either a hypothetical assumption or an honest statement. However, if one chooses to believe it and really learn something good from it, purpose is fulfilled. Anything that enlightens your soul and keeps you motivated mustn’t be misjudged.


Reassurance and installation of hope in a person is one among foremost kind things we can do i.e. restore hope.

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