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The Drops of Love: A Couple with Down Syndrome Got Married

This Monsoon, weddings are the flavor of the season! With the drizzling rain, heart-touching news of a couple with Down syndrome getting married came in. A wedding is a special time for each couple, and to make it more special, a monsoon wedding was arranged for the couple by their family.

Love Connection

The young couple was brought together through the efforts of their sisters. In a distance relationship, WhatsApp and email become ways to stay connected virtually. The moments of laughter and sharing stories led them to the journey of marriage.

Charming Ceremony

A 22-year-old bride, Ananya Sawant, got married to Vignesh Krishnaswamy, a 27-year-old groom. The wedding unfolds over three days with mehndi, sangeet, dance, music, a feast, and much more. The marriage ceremony took place on Wednesday in Pune. To commemorate this special day, friends, relatives, and extended family joined in on the wedding festivities. The families of the couple started a conversation after meeting a year ago. The bride being Maharashtrian and the groom being Tamil, the ceremony was a blend of both styles of ritual: Maharashtrian and Tamil. As the groom works in the hospitality industry in Dubai, the couple plans to stay together in Dubai after marriage.

What exactly is Down Syndrome?

A genetic disorder caused by abnormal cell division that results in an extra pair of chromosomes Generally, people have 23 pairs of chromosomes in each cell, making up a total of 46 chromosomes. Down syndrome is a condition where a person has a third extra copy of either a partial or whole 21st chromosome. Thus resulting in a total of 47 chromosomes. Down syndrome is another name for trisomy. The possibility of anything occurring prior to or during pregnancy does not inherit or cause Down syndrome. It happens during the time when sperm and egg combine. Some common physical signs of Down syndrome are a flat face, a short neck, short hands and legs, eyes that slant up, loose joints, and poor muscle tone.

Looking at its impact

Chromosomes consist of genes that carry information called DNA that determines how we look and the color of our eyes or skin. Therefore, the extra piece of chromosome impacts the development of the baby’s body and brain. Resulting in daily life challenges that are both physical and mental. Research has often found an association between Down syndrome and developmental delays or Intellectual disabilities ranging from mild to moderate. Being a genetic disorder, it has no cure. However, early identification and timely intervention through education and support can provide them with a quality life.

Neglected Aspects of Young Adults with Special Needs

Few dating apps for people with special needs are available in the US, as highlighted by the bride’s mother. The chances of finding a companion for individuals with special needs are almost negligible. People often sideline individuals with special needs, especially when it comes to marriage. The concerns about marriages of people with Down syndrome are related to adjusting to unfamiliar surroundings, pregnancy, parenthood, and the effect on the infant.

All these concerns have their validation; however, every individual deserves to experience love regardless of their abilities. Ananya’s parents are aware that moving from Pune, where she is accustomed, to Dubai will not be simple for Ananya, but Vignesh’s mother is ready to lend the pair her warmth and love. As we celebrate the union, it is a remarkable event that promotes the inclusion of people with special needs and is a ray of hope for further inclusivity and equity.

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