Riley’s New Emotion “Anxiety” in Pixar’s Inside Out 2


Pixar fans, all over the world are excited to see the much-awaited trailer of Inside Out Part 2: Facing Fears, which is ready to hit the theatres on June 14, 2024. The first part of the animated movie was loved by everyone. 

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The trailer took us back into the vibrant world of Riley’s mind, where she navigates her life with the help of her emotions- Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust. But this time, there’s an obvious feeling of discomfort in the air as Anxiety takes the lead and Riley struggles with uncertainty and change. This time, in the new chapter of Riley’s emotional journey with anxiety as the central theme, the movie promises an exploration of mental health with some brilliant cinematic experience. 

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Director Pete Docter claims that this movie will help people understand the intricacies of anxiety and how deeply it affects us. The film attempts to bring attention to the common challenges that many people have when facing anxieties and uncertainty by drawing on personal experiences and professional views. Anxiety, as depicted in Inside Out 2, is not something that is like a roadblock, rather it is shown as being fundamental to human existence. The movie examines how anxiety could show up in daily life through Riley’s character and her feelings, from tense anticipation to overwhelming panic.

Riley and her emotions are hinted at embarking on a voyage of self-discovery and growth as they face their anxieties head-on and learn how to bravely and resiliently sail the stormy waters of puberty in this teaser. Inside Out 2 is sure to enthral viewers of all ages with its breathtaking graphics, poignant storytelling, and a dash of humour, all while igniting vital discussions about mental health.

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Millions of people worldwide suffer from anxiety, a mental health issue that is still becoming more and more important in today’s culture. Feelings of uncertainty and fear have become all too familiar for many people due to the continuous challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, making the issues discussed in Inside Out 2 more urgent and important than ever.

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