A Reflection of Your own Tamasha


Tamasha is a Bollywood movie released in 2015 that talks about a psychological disorder i.e. borderline personality disorder and how he finds himself in this journey. Moreover, this movie also reflects the daily life struggle of an individual. How society plays a significant role in one’s life as it was shown that despite being a good storyteller, he was forced to be a product manager because that is what society expects him to be.

In our society also, if a child is good at something else other than studies, everyone will tell him to focus on their academics rather than activities like music, acting, etc. That is how the dreams of many people were crushed because of these societal expectations. Furthermore, this movie addresses how one can feel abandoned after their partner leaves them. How mentally exhausting it could be for them to understand what is going on with them. Lastly, tamasha mentions how you need to keep a check on your mental health, and if you are not feeling well consider taking help from a professional.

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Ved’s depression and identity crisis

Ved struggles with depression and dissatisfaction as he works a corporate job that doesn’t align with his true passions. It was seen in the movie also that ved wasn’t very much satisfied with his corporate job as his area of interest was something else. His parents forced him to do this and as a result, he was unhappy and dissatisfied with life. This unhappiness reached its peak when he met Tara, who was the opposite of him. She was free like a bird and it was Tara who motivated him to work towards his passion soon he realized his passion. Moreover, he also starts taking a stand for himself and comes out of this cage. He embraces his life rather than considering it a burden and starts living his life on his terms.

Pretends to be someone he’s not in his relationship with Tara

Ved pretends to be someone he’s not in a relationship with Tara because of the fear of getting rejected. He pretends to be very successful and doing good in his life, but the reality is different. He was doing this because of getting rejected by Tara. According to him, Tara will only accept him if he is rich and successful. Jay’s deceit eventually comes to light, and Tara learns the truth about him. At first, she was enraged and hurt, but over time she realized why Jay was pretending to be someone else. It dawns on her that he was only trying to safeguard himself, and she forgives him.

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This deception of ved is a very relevant and powerful metaphor for those who are constantly trying to fit in society. They hide their true selves behind a mask because they fear being rejected or judged for who they truly are. Ved story shows that this can lead to a significant amount of pain and unhappiness.

For Tara, her love for ved was pure and unconditional. She loves him the way he is and accepts him in that way only. This is the kind of love that we should all work towards. The foundation of this love lies in truth and acceptance.

Impact of Relationship on Ved Mental Health

His relationship with Tara begins positively, but turns unhealthy as Ved hides his true self:

As shown in the movie their relationship was growing positively during the initial meeting, but as they lost contact for a few years and met again, she found that this time ved is different. Ved is not being truthful to Tara about himself. He makes it look like he’s more successful than he is, and he keeps his insecurities hidden from her. Tara starts to doubt Ved’s sincerity due to the dishonesty that creates a rift between them. Moreover, this relationship turns into a toxic one and a jealous factor also comes in between them and she leaves him. Therefore, it is important to be true to yourself and it can lead to unhealthy relationships.

Tara comes back into Ved’s life and supports his personal growth and self-discovery:

When Tara finally understands what is happening with ved, she tries to support him and realises his true passions. When she met him again after a few years in India, she was surprised to see how this ved was different from the one she met in Corsica. Initially, Ved is reluctant to rekindle their relationship, but Tara eventually persuades him to give it a shot.

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With Tara’s help, Ved confronts his past and comes to terms with his true self. She also aids him in realizing his potential and pursuing his aspirations. Ved is finally able to find happiness and fulfillment with the help of Tara.

Ved Journey To Improve His Mental Health

Leaves his unfulfilling job to pursue his passion for storytelling:

Ved move forward in his journey of mental health and the first thing he starts with is understanding himself. As he was aware that he’s living a pretending life and his love was always storytelling. Therefore, he left his corporate job and took a stand of himself in front of his parents. This shows that now he is getting clarity about himself. It also signifies how he is writing and telling his own story’ to others and the credit goes to Tara who finds the real ved in these struggles.

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Embraces his unique talents and interests without worrying what others think:

Ved also embraces his unique talents i.e storytelling without thinking what society will think of him. That’s what the beauty of this movie is about how we should see ourselves and not choose our dreams according to societal expectations. It also emphasizes self expression and the power of love. Apart from embracing his uniqueness, he also overcomes his depression and works on maintaining and claiming his identity. The movie ends with ved doing what he loves and how peaceful and happy he is now.

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