Millennials vs. Gen Z: How Are They Different?

Millennials and Gen Z have been two generation cohorts that are topics of discussion in these recent times. They are often grouped together under “ Youth People” or “Digital Native”, they differ with each other. Let’s read this article to know more about Millennials and Gen Z

Who are millennials?

They are also Gen Y and are those who are born in between the 1980s to mid-1990s. They are considered to be the first digital natives who have been exposed to the internet and social media. It is considered that millennials have similar traits irrespective for varying experiences and backgrounds. They have born in a time when global warming or climate change became prominent and therefore prioritize nature at every aspect.

Who are Gen Z?

They are also called as I Generation and are born in between 1997 to 2012. It’s the first generation which grew up with tech around. They have never seen a world without smartphones, the internet or instant assess to any information. They are known for their activism, global outlook or social awareness.

Millennials and Gen Z differ a lot with each other. These days we see a lot of discussion on millennials and Gen Z. Lets know how and why they differ from each other.


Millennials and Gen Z are differ a lot in their relationship with technology. Millennial are considered to be tech savy as they values tech and remember a time of without phones and internet. But Gen Z have never seen a time without smartphones or internet and therefore are fully occupied with it. They are considered to be a digital native as they are pro at using technology to communicate, learn or entertain themselves.

Work Ethics

Millennial are always known for their work-life balance which is why they also lack work ethics. They are considered to have a tendency of job hop that means they keep changing their job until they have job satisfaction for which even can sacrifice their salary. Whereas Gen Z on the other are very career focused and stay at a job longer duration to get better salary. They require stability in job for which they work very hard at a single job.

Social and political views

Millennial are considered to be less progressive in social sphere. Although they are born in the time when climate change and global warming started and they were the one discovering it but still they are pretty cautious in their approach towards social change and activism. On the other hand Gen Z are more progressive in their social and political views. They are more politically engaged and passionate about climate change, racial discrimination, LGBTQ+ rights, etc.

Millennial and Gen Z, generation, money,
Spending Habits

Millennial and Gen Z also differ in the way they spend money. Millennial are interested in spending on experiences and therefore deals, investments are more appealing to them. Gen Z on the other hand are more interested in buying products that provide best value to their money.

Shopping Habits:

Reading this difference one major perception you will make it that since Gen Z are digital native they would prefer online shopping but no this is not the case. It has seen that Millennial usually prefer shopping online to avoid going out while Gen Z prefer shopping at store to feel more confident about the quality. We have seen many times that Gen Z makes effort to bring people to shop by making videos or reels about it.

Interest in Brands:

Millennial have more interest in purchasing items from popular brands as buying brands was their popular choice from adolescent and they wish to fulfill their wish in adulthood while Gen Z prefer buying items from individual shops, designers, etc. to enhance their originality. They avoid buying brands as they feel it could be common and seen with many.

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