Love or Sex

Marital relationship is not the blood one but it’s even stronger than blood relationship. What makes it so unique? Have you ever thought?

Every relationship has its own limitation in one way or another. But marital relationship is the only relationship in the world where, there is no limitation. As a spouse can play the role of a mother, father, sister, brother, friend but other relationships can’t do this. Intimacy adds this uniqueness in it. In our country, in marriage sex comes first then love.

Young generation finds its so weird but actually this is the right way as naturally in between man & woman physical attraction is the root cause of any relationship. This is the primary need of any human being as important as hunger, thirst and sleep.

 So in our traditional arrange marriage system when a man and a woman become husband and wife, sex comes first in their relationship. So when two untouched bodies first times comes in contact in physically intimacy it’s not just bring them closer physically but gradually mentally, emotionally and spiritually too. This intimacy develops devotion and femininity in the woman and a sense of responsibility and manhood in a man. So woman as a wife devotes herself towards husband, kids and the entire family; in the same way in a man devotes himself in his profession so he can fulfill his all economical responsibility towards family and can make life comfortable for her wife, kids and all other family members.

But now as the love marriages becomes common in society most of the couples experienced sex before marriage, had many relationship before marriage and in some cases after marriage too. When they enters in the institution of marriage their bodies are not untouched, they are already experienced sex with the same partner, different partner or in some cases different partners. Which brings comparison in mind as two bodies, two people can’t be the same and not our experience with them ever can be the same. We like something in every body so this becomes really impossible for a person to satisfy. Apart from this when two people who never experienced sex before marriage with any one, never face this issue, they remain satisfy for whatever they are getting as they never have any parameter to compare with and with increased modernism, nuclear families sex also became easily available to the partners, which contributes in reducing physical attractiveness among partners even more.

“If sexual relationship is ok between partners everything will be ok”.

You must have heard it, it’s true as this is the unique flavor of this relationship which binds two unknown people together and makes their relationship even stronger than the blood ones. As this intimacy makes them feel emotionally connected loved and cared. Healthy physical relationship not only keeps body and relationship healthy it is as important for mental health too as this gives a sense of satisfaction. 

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