How to Overcome Your Inner Struggle?

inner struggle

As Humans almost everyone must have experienced negative thoughts or inner voices within themselves. Sometimes these negative thoughts becomes so powerful that they start affecting a person’s daily life performance and behaviour. One can hear positive and negative thoughts or voices at the same time. It’s like their thoughts are arguing with each other. Such inner struggle is called an Inner Demon.

Inner demon also refers to recurring thoughts or voices that are negative in nature and constantly reminds person about their flaws and imperfections. Basically, these voices try to make a person feel inferior to others. What is common between both meanings is that such thoughts are negative in nature and affect a person’s life.

How person can feel when an inner Demon is in power?

When such an inner demon becomes powerful in personality, a person can feel self-doubt, self-criticism, inferiority, self-disappointment, worthless or helpless. A person can feel they are losing their peace of mind/patience/ hope for the future. They can imagine their unfortunate future all at once. This inner demon can be expressed in nature as anger, hatred, high ego, jealousy, or self-pity

How inner demon come into existence and power?

An inner demon is born out of stored emotional memories of the subconscious mind. As time passes such emotional memories come into power because of the repetition of the same emotions in the unconscious mind. And the intensity of the negative becomes amplified.
In short, some emotional memories (like trauma, emotional shock, abuse, neglect, ignorance, and embarrassment) are unprocessed and hold high negativity in nature. Such emotional memories affect a person like because it’s not properly regulated.

How one can control the inner demon?

Humans look at themselves in the mirror every day and think about their outer appearance, cleaning, and clothes. What they miss is looking at their inner self regularly. Because of the ignorance and neglect their inner demon comes into power. Such inner demons can be controlled through certain actions.

Two ways to conquer such Inner Demon
1. Self-introspection as a tool:

Each day take 5 to 7 minutes for yourself and just sit quietly for a while. Self-introspection will help you guide your feelings and thoughts. It will help you to look at experiences that you try to avoid and once you acknowledge such experiences such unprocessed emotions get processed. Each day one must work on their negativity because each day one counters no. Of experiences.

Self-introspection is about clearing your perception of too much subjectivity. It helps people perceive themselves first as humans and then as an individual. This human perception allows you to accept the pain, pleasure, and mistakes of life. The better they know their self the easier it will become to fight back with their inner demon.

2. General writing:

It sounds so familiar right, but do people know the psychology behind this? And, it helps people to create order when their world feels like it’s in chaos. It will slow down the noise of your mind and help you listen to your inner self.
For bringing the unconscious mind’s emotional memory into consciousness this can help. What one can do is just write down each thought and they will get a clear picture of their mind. Once it comes into knowledge, it will be easy for you to regulate.

Mahishasur was described as an evil being who can change his outlook at any time, but can’t change his inner demonic goals. His inner demon was expressed in his high ego. Maa Durga was killing his demonic goals. Within the human mind, negativity, and positivity both emotions are generated. What we have to do is be more vigilant about what we feel and we will get to the roots of our inner demons.

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