CUET PG Psychology Entrance Book


Are you a psychology student, feeling stuck in the never-ending race of competitive exams? Don’t worry friend, We got you, and we promise that the wait for all your solutions ends as you read this article.

As the season of Competitive exams comes closer, Many Students start to buckle up and get ready for the epic marathon. A Lot of students want to pursue their Masters in the field of psychology, appearing in the entrance exams like CUET-PG, GATE Psychology, and NFSU, as well as entrance examinations for various other prestigious universities like Christ University, Jamia Millia, etc. In such stressful times, It is important to have a guide that will conduct a smooth flow in your preparation.

The PG entrance examinations present questions on psychology that cover a wide range of topics. Research and Statistics, Abnormal and Clinical Psychology, Personality and its theories, social psychology, lifespan psychology, sensation and perception, etc. are asked about extensively. While Preparing for these Exams is Hard, Trying to ace them can feel like a herculean task.

Keeping Everything in mind, Utsaah is thrilled to announce the launch of this new book (book name), curated by Dr Arvind Otta, solely aiming to save students from the many headaches of Entrance exams.

Psychology Entrance Examinations is a resourceful and practice book, that aims to tackle the syllabus of these entrance examinations. Previous year questions are also included to let students gauge the nature of questions asked in these entrance examinations. It is designed to help you tackle any CUET PG Psychology and MA/MSc Psychology entrance exams you might be sitting for. This preparation book recognizes that only reading can become monotonous. Therefore, it offers various methods of assessment and with it’s different features, it makes the learning process an engaging experience.

  • Chapter Reviews: Revise objectively with our meticulously crafted chapter reviews that break down complex concepts into digestible points, ensuring you grasp every essential topic.
  • Labelling: This book also included labelling to enhance your understanding of key terms, theories, and principles, making it easier to recall during exams.
  • Chapter-Wise Objective Questions: Strengthen your understanding with our extensive chapter-wise objective questions. Practice and master each topic at your own pace.
  • Previous Year Question Papers: Gain valuable insights into the exam format and types of questions asked by reviewing the previous year’s question papers. Familiarize yourself with the test structure and understand what to expect on exam day.
  • Practice Sets: Put your skills to the test with our carefully curated practice sets. These sets simulate exam conditions and help you gauge your preparedness, identify areas for improvement, and boost your confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions about Competitive Entrance Exams for Psychology

1. How do I understand which competitive exam that is right for me? 

To know which exam is important, you need to consider your career goals. and ask your mentor or consider career counselling. It will help you understand the pathway clearly. 

2. How do I manage time while preparing for the competitive examination? 

To keep yourself within the time limits of your tests, you need to solve and practice questions relevant to the field within a specific time-bound. Solving questions within time limits will help you understand what kind of different strategies you need when you deal with all different types of questions. 

3. What type of qualification is required to gain admission to an MA/MSc clinical psychology? 

Every student needs to check the official website of the universities to get insight into the eligibility criteria. In most cases, a student must have a BA or BSc degree in Psychology and some colleges/universities offer admission to non-psychology students too. 

4. What is the exam pattern? 

Most of the entrance exams are MCQ-based and some of them are also having negative markings. The test might be considered online for some institutions while many of them are conducted offline. Know more about CUET PG Psychology and other MA/MSc Psychology Entrance patterns.

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