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Business Psychology and Entrepreneurs

Do you wish to start a company of your own? Or do you already have a startup of sorts that you are hoping to grow into a big business soon? Entrepreneurship which has been a concept from the beginning is becoming even more common nowadays. All sorts of companies and jobs are stepping into the market today which also means that there is tough competition and a struggle for businesses to survive and become successful. The choice to be an entrepreneur is not an easy one that can be made by any person and only if people are confident in their visions and ideas are they able to push through and make it happen. Multiple different businesses come up every day and multiple businesses shut down as well. The business world is not a straight road and often has a lot of speed bumps which the entrepreneurs have to smoothly go over if they want their business to grow and become a success.


As time changes, so does the way business takes place. Nothing ever stays the same and so developing skills and the ability to perform in a way that matches the time is an important skill that business owners need to work on. Keeping this in perspective, business psychology which is more commonly known as organizational psychology combines advanced business practices with the study of human behavior to improve the productivity, efficiency and culture of workplaces. Business psychologists have varieties of responsibilities which include helping in understanding consumer behavior, helping human resource professionals differentiate job applicants, providing motivational leadership and coaching for employees, performing employee evaluations, improving organizational structure to meet business goals, enhancing workplace safety and employee wellbeing, establishing employee training and development programs and increasing business efficiency and employee productivity. The business psychologists’ main goal is improving the work environment and increasing employee productivity. 

One cannot expect that the way they have been doing business will always be the same. Different times demand different kinds of work and different kinds of work attitudes and business owners must equip themselves with the necessary skills and must adapt to changes and be ready to unlearn and learn with the changing times if they want their businesses to do well. There may be times when you will have to change the way you work on certain things from the core and take massive risks however these are at times unavoi dable and so business owners must learn to open their eyes to see what may lead to future growth of their business and what won’t. If you try to hold on to the past and work in a way that does not align with the present times just because things worked out for you before and because the way you worked before helped your business reach where it is now, you will never be able to prosper. Although this does not mean that one has to change their working styles completely, it is important to understand and study the market and figure out the needs and expectations of the time to make the necessary changes in working styles that will benefit the business and help it grow.  

In a study done in the year 2016, it was found that there was a positive and significant relationship between resilience and entrepreneurial intention (EI). Resilience is an important entrepreneurial attribute however nothing in excess is ever good and it is important to understand when and how it may at times hinder your efforts. Entrepreneurs have to be confident in their work and must also be resilient however, it is important to keep in mind that resilience can often be a double-edged sword. 

Business psychologists can help see things that one may have not recognized as faults or errors and also figure out effective strategies and efforts that can help the business flourish in the future. Thus, business psychologists are important people and must be there in all organizations to guide the team and help them improve their services and become better at what they do. The business psychologist can work as an advisor and help you see things through a different lens that may be of great help to you and the business. Since businessmen are also humans and they too may be going through something or the other in their personal or even work life that may be interfering with their work, it is good if the organization has an organizational psychologist.

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