Breakup A Hard Challenge to Move On…

Love is addictive and breakups are never easy

Everyone tends to have a breakup once in their lives and for some people, it’s more than once. Breakup turns the whole world upside down, giving tremendous pain to the person, which is no doubt hard. To be heartbroken in love is a tough spot and often people have a hard time coping. Sometimes, when coping becomes difficult, it might lead to outcomes like loneliness, distress, and a loss of sense of self. Talking about the post-breakup syndrome, it is essential to understand what happens during that stage. Some of the experienced outcomes are that people can’t eat or sleep for the initial weeks properly, they check their phone continuously hoping that they might receive a text from the former lover as well as they keep on asking themselves what they did wrong.

Along with this, what’s common is there are thoughts of former lovers everywhere. People often tend to feel powerless because they idealize the former lover way too much and intend to reconcile or recover the lost relationship. So in a way actually by granting this power, they create their own misery which seems to consume their life.

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Breakup Depression

These outcomes are common and often drive away after a gradual amount of time, but if these remain persistent then it becomes a problem. Most people fall into depression which becomes severe shortly. Life is hard and it is painful to accept being rejected by the person with whom often the future is planned. Our mind is programmed to take rejections and failures painfully. It often creates feelings of self-doubt and worthlessness. Breakup Depression is serious and people are unaware of it most of the time. To distinguish between what’s healthy and unhealthy one must know them. The healthy symptoms after a breakup are crying and sadness, anger and frustration, fear, insomnia, and loss of interest in activities.

The unhealthy symptoms may look like feeling sad and hopeless nearly every day, loss of interest in activities, loss of appetite or increase of appetite, weight loss or weight gain, insomnia or hypersomnia, loss of concentration or difficulty making decisions, feeling worthless, feeling restless throughout the day, an increase in movements like pacing or having significantly slower speed and movement, thoughts about death.  Also, Depression after a breakup if left untreated, can lead to addiction to drugs and alcohol, and in most cases, it happens likewise. Physical health can also be severely affected as joint pains, headaches, and stomach pain may frequently happen.

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Additional chronic stress can deteriorate the immune system which can lead to illnesses. Other complications can include panic attacks, problems with social, and occupational life, and suicidal ideations. While it’s normal to feel pain and sadness in such situations if conditions don’t change even after several weeks or if they get worse then immediate help should be taken from mental health professionals.

Emotional Healing and Rediscovering Self-Worth

The significant point that needs to be kept in mind is that it’s just a phase of life and it shall also pass. If the situation is handled properly, the person can recover and move on in life. Anyone who is dealing with a breakup needs to keep in mind that they can reclaim themselves, which includes their emotional equipoise, vitality, and self-worth through some of the strategies given.

First of all, Acceptance is vital, admitting that a breakup has happened and now the separation has taken place. People often in the first impulse, try to fix what is broken and continuously tend to go back to the former lover, but reconciliation never happens since the latter moves on in life. This further makes it more painful and overbearing. It is crucial to admit what has happened and try to slowly accept it.

Secondly, as the pain is too much forget about moving on at this part and face the emotions. Most people tend to avoid doing that because they feel that it will be too painful and hence continuously keep on suffering. They can’t understand that repressing the grieving emotions can result in anxiety, depression, obsession, and chronic despair. It further keeps them feeling stuck and powerless. Facing Grief is the most essential step while recovering. Grief includes emotions and feelings of anger, sadness, disbelief, and fear as well as physical states like tension, emptiness, fatigue, and changes in appetite and sleep. It is a healing process where slow adjustment to the present takes place and letting go gradually happens. At this point, reminding oneself about motivating statements like “I can recover myself” can help a great deal.

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Self-Care Strategies After a Breakup

Third, focus on the body and let the feelings flow. Often people tend to overthink and hurt themselves continuously because they can’t get out of their heads. The thoughts keep them stuck and they don’t focus on what is happening to their body. Instead, what can be done is let the feelings flow. Focusing on body sensations can help the person understand how feelings of anger, fear, and sadness are affecting them

Sensations like a lump in the throat tightness in the jaw cold hands or uneasiness in the legs are some examples. The exercise will help in connecting with the body. Eventually, when the negative feelings have subsided, calming down can be practiced. In this way, people can disregard feelings of pain and take care of themselves.

Fourth, deep breathing comes to the rescue. Fear is a powerful emotion during a breakup. People tend to become fearful and hence lose a sense of self. In simple words, fear is excitement without breath. Deep-focused breathing can help to a major extent when someone is experiencing negative emotions. Just breathe in, hold the breath, and then breathe out. It helps in calming down the body and providing relaxation. It soothes the body and the mind making the person feel better instantly. Deep breathing can be practiced at all times. It is a powerful solution that works in favor of letting feelings flow gradually. Take this battle slowly one day at a time.

Finding Support, Renewing Hope, and Embracing Self-Empowerment

Fifth, Getting support from the people around. After a breakup, it is easier to cope with the support from friends and family. Being with positive people who can understand the pain and encourage it at the same time would help a great deal. Avoid negative people as criticisms can make recovery harder. Sixth, Build motivation and hope for the future. After the adjustment takes place and when the grieving is a residue. Motivation and hope serve to be really important because it keeps the person moving.

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Understanding what was lost was precious, but certainly not the end of the world.  Most people forget to take care of themselves, which is probably not right. Taking care of oneself and improving one’s self-esteem can make one resilient to stressful events. Also, meeting new friends and new people can help with loneliness. Building a happy life with hope is essentially vital when someone looks forward to the future.

In the end, Breakups can lead to significant life changes, but the key point to remember is that the person has control of their life. If they decide that they can fight it then, they can surely do it. Focusing attention on the aspects, where a person has more control like work, studies or hobbies can surely make them empowered. Looking at the changes with a positive mindset can result in personal growth as well as reclaiming the sense of self. With the right attitude definitely, anyone can move on in life.

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