18-year-old Women Diagnosed with “Love Brain”


An 18-year-old Chinese girl, nicknamed Xiaoyu, was diagnosed with “Love brain” as she called her boyfriend 100 times in a single day and after getting no response from his side, she smashed the household objects and threatened the boyfriend to jump from the balcony when the cops arrived.

Xiaoyu relocated from her home to begin the University where she met her boyfriend and their relationship turned intimate soon. However, overly dependent behaviour and demanding constant communication and updates about his whereabouts throughout the day made her boyfriend feel uncomfortable and restricted. As per the South China Morning Post(SCMP), she repeatedly calls him if he doesn’t respond. A viral video also showed how she was repeatedly asking her boyfriend to switch on his WebChat camera.

One day she called him over 100 times but he didn’t respond to her calls, which made her upset and she started smashing all the household objects around her. Her boyfriend called the cops who arrived when she was threatening him to jump from a balcony. After this incident, Xiaoyu was hospitalized at the Fourth People’s Hospital of Chengdu where she was diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder which is colloquially referred to as “love brain”.

Doctor Du Na stated that this condition can be present along with anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. Du didn’t reveal the exact cause of Xiaoyu’s illness but said it frequently manifests in people who had an unhealthy relationship with their parents during childhood. Additionally, she mentioned people with a mild form of the condition, whose lives were not significantly affected could recover on their own by learning the skills to regulate their emotions. However, sufferers with extreme symptoms would need medical assistance.

On Douyin(a social media platform like TikTok), people have expressed their dissatisfaction over the woman being diagnosed with “love brain”, with questions like if she is a control freak instead. Love Brain(Borderline Personality Disorder) Borderline personality disorder is a mental illness that profoundly affects a person’s ability to manage their emotions, which often increases impulsivity, affects how a person feels about themselves and negatively affects their relationship with others. Fortunately, effective treatments are available to help the person with BPD to manage the symptoms and improve their well-being.

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