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11 brutal life lessons that nobody will teach you

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Life is not easy, and if it is easy, it is not worth living. The former line seems so easy to say and inspiring as well, but it is really hard to live a life full of challenges that create meaning. Life is too short to make all of the mistakes and learn from them. Instead, it is advisable to learn from others mistakes and make the most of them by using them in your own practice. Yes, it is also important to make mistakes and learn from them, but making mistakes should be natural, not out of stupidity. Also, when we learn from others lessons, we become ahead of people who are still working on the trial-and-error process. For doing this (learning from others mistakes), a few simple steps should be followed:

Steps to learn from others life lessons:

  1. Read and try to understand the situation, response, and other important factors that are driving the person to take that action.
  2. Do self-reflection and analysis of your opinion and self.
  3. If you feel you need to change your thoughts, actions, or opinions only, then go for that change.
  4. Learning is the outcome of the writer’s experience, so it is not right or wrong. It’s just the writer’s perspective.
  5. If you want to practice the learning, practice it until you do not get any more beneficial learning. It’s like climbing a ladder.

In this article, a few brutal lessons of life are discussed, which nobody will tell you:

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1) Listen to learn:

As humans, we all listen, but only to respond, not to learn. Communication and perception are ways to learn from our environment and enrich our mental world. So when people are saying anything, it’s better to learn and understand the objective of their conversation. This will enable people to get to know other people well and respond effectively in return. The more people listen, the wiser they will become.

2) Feed your soul:

In people’s day-to-day routine, they work for money, health, community, friends, and family, but very few people work for their soul. The soul is the center of a human’s existence. Whenever people do anything that is against their basic nature, they feel extreme guilt, anger, embarrassment, and worry. Feeding your soul means doing things that make you feel at peace. This can vary from person to person, as each person finds peace in a different type of experience. If you are feeding your soul and in sync with your soul, whatever the situation, you will come out of it with flying colors. Feeding the soul will make the person more resilient in facing life challenges, so work towards having a tougher personality.

3) Be prepared for the unexpected to happen:

Life can change at any point in time. So be prepared for the best and worst in life. We all plan for next year’s travel plans, family trips, and birthdays, but no one knows how many days we are going to live or have our loved ones with us. So do what you want to do for your loved one and live your life according to your choice or decision. Always remember one thing in life: the next day will bring more challenges than the previous one, so enjoy people and make maximum use of your minimal resources.

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4) Regret can be temporary or permanent:

Regret is a deep feeling of disappointment, unavailing remorse, or fruitless longing. It creates distress in the mind and deprives the person of the ability to enjoy the present moments of life. In life, regard is constant. People can make it temporary, permanent, or keep trying until they achieve what they want. Regret can last minutes, days, weeks, months, or years, depending on the person’s coping mechanism and action to work towards it. So if you want something, keep trying until you succeed, and if you don’t want to work, accept what you have. Don’t spend your days of life calculating your possibilities. Instead, work toward it.

5) Don’t depend on others:

This is the ultimate solution to happiness. Life is about doing what you desire, not what you get in return. As what you get is most of the time not in your hands, the more people focus on their actions and work for others, the better they feel, even if they don’t expect anything in return. So don’t wait for others to serve you, love you, gift you, care for you, or appreciate you. Whatever people have to expect, they should expect it from themselves. Then they will be content in life, as they will not have any hurtful feelings for others.

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6) Be quiet when you are at your worst:

When you are in trouble or in a challenging situation, be quiet and work to overcome it. Talking about it or making frantic efforts to escape it will increase the problem and negativity in the environment. It is you who has to find solutions, or even if anyone is providing them to you, it is you who has to work on them. So channelizing your energy in the right direction and working for it is a better way to handle the situation.

7) Function on a deal instead of an assumption:

All humans have the ability to think and form opinions. But people who function solely on opinion fall more often in life than people who function on their reality. These two things—opinion and reality—are interrelated and affect each other. But it’s an individual’s choice to decide on which basis they want to make major decisions in their life. To function in reality, a person has to observe reality objectively and consider important factors that affect it. For example, when people have to take admission in any college, they must not simply run for the best colleges; instead, they must consider their financial status, academic performance, transport facilities, the quality of education that the college provides in a specific subject, and the present status of passout students in general. Because all these things will affect students learning processes.

8) Your material wealth will not make you a happy or better person:

Wealth is a necessity of life, as it’s provided facilities for survival, but it won’t make you a happy person. Happiness is more important than materialistic wealth. Rich people also die and eat less to maintain good health. So instead of focusing only on wealth, focus on wealth and happiness together. Spend and save money or buy stuff, but also share it with others and use it for good purposes. Nobody knows when they or their loved ones will die, so don’t postpone plans or celebrations. Do it as per your financial status, and enjoy every bit of your life.

9) Your success and achievements are not something you will remember on your deathbed:

When people come close to the end of their lives, they do not think about their achievements. What they think of is the life they lived and the meaningful relationships they had. So even when you are striving for achievement and success, keep working on meaningful relationships in life. It’s not always about blood relationships; it’s about relationships with humanity and helping those who were unknown to you. If you save any lives, make a smile on anyone’s face, or work for people you love, you will add meaning to your life even when nobody knows about it.

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10) Worry less:

Worrying about something will not help you at all. It can only make you feel vulnerable, anxious, or miserable. Focus on the solution. If you don’t find a solution, accept the situation as it is. People can change their thoughts, actions, or opinions, not anyone else. So do what you can, and don’t match your potential with theirs and destroy it. Negative people and a negative environment are lethal for happiness. Stay alert about your surroundings and make minimal contact with factors or people who encourage your worry.

11) The right time is now:

Don’t wait for the right time to take action. Whatever plans you have for your life, work for them now. As life is very uncertain, instead of feeling bad for your past, make the most of your present. Anyone has to do this and save their time, as in the 21st century, time is the most expensive thing that no one can buy. Don’t wait for it by procrastinating or delaying your task. Live in the present and live with fewer regrets.

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