Even though the nationwide restrictions are loosening now and people can move out of their houses when they were completely restricted inside. This has taken a heavy toll on the majority of people’s mental health. During this time period, everybody was looking out for ways in which they can keep them well even while sitting in their houses. Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise which varies from being subtle to rigorous and in different styles as well. Yoga has been adopted by a number of people as it has multiple benefits not just to physical health but also to the mental health of the person. Regular yoga practice can help us deeply focus and be more mindful in our life. Yoga has over time shown that it strengthens the mind-body connection. It is also helped patients relieve depression, regulate anxiety and stress. As yoga is an exercise that produces serotonin hormone inside our body, which contributes to feeling happier inside or a body that reflects on the outside. As yoga is about body balancing, so it’s also linked with mind balancing. Yoga asanas which include breathing exercises which are also one of the mental health practitioners’ main components of helping a person be calm and correct body postures help our body and mind to stay calm so if in due is it in our daily lives it becomes our lifestyle.


Yoga is even helpful for those suffering from ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as yoga helps them to be able to focus more which is something that they lack and also increases attention capability. Yoga also improves the sleep quality that we have therefore enhanced the quality of life. Overall yoga has an impact on different and various fields which increases our well-being. There are certain asanas or poses and yoga which specifically enhance our mental well-being.

  1. Siddhasana or accomplished Pose – in this pose the person sits in a cross-legged position with eyes closed, hands resting on the knees and deep in meditation. The toes should be tucked into the thighs. This posture is the ideal position for meditating. It increases the flexibility in the inner thigh muscles and in the hips and also lengthens the spine, activates the chakras, improves posture, keeps the mind alert, reduces anxiety and stress, and balances the activities going on in the reproductive organs.
  2. Anjaneyasana or Low lunge or Crescent Moon Pose – This pose starts in a downward dog position and as you exhale, you bring the right foot forward and then placing it between the hands to align your knee and heel in a straight line. It goes parallel with the other leg. With every example, you are supposed to bend deeper into the pose taking your head back and looking up.


This pose will provide flexibility to the shoulders and neck and giving a deep stretch to the hips and thighs. It will provide post-workout recovery and boosting your energy as well as the balance of your body.

  1. Paschimottanasana or seated forward bend – in this pose you keep your legs and knees straight with your back in a sitting position and aligned. Then you extend your arms over your head and touching your hands or the floor by moving your body lower as you come forward while exhaling. Try gripping your toes and touch your nose to the knees which will lengthen your spine. It offers a lot of benefits especially for people who have high blood pressure and diabetes. It comes to the body and the mind by circulating fresh blood to the head which also helps in reducing insomnia, anxiety, and depression.
  2. Setubhandhasana/ Setu Bandhu Sarvangasana or the Bridge pose – in this pose you lie down on your back, putting your legs straight on the floor and then uplifting your chest by taking your hips off from the floor by continuously giving support to your lower back with your hands. This pose is also known as the bridge pose as it strengthens your chest, neck, and spine. It increases the blood circulation through your whole body elevating any stress in your body.
  3. Viparita Karni or legs up the wall pose – this pose one lies squarely on the back and lifting the legs up against a wall which gives a slight lift to your lower back. The support is given by placing the palms and the lower backs with elbows on the ground. This post comes in a perpendicular cooler position at an angle of 45-60 degrees. This pose helps in fast me the moment of water from the small intestine to the large intestine hence cleaning the stomach. It is also a great pose to stimulate the hormonal system and strengthen the core.


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