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The Importance of Career Counselling for a Better Future

Why do you need career counselling?

Today, there are a number of careers to choose from to build a future. Although there is a certain tradition about parents wanting their child to pursue either medical or engineering, this stereotype is slowly decreasing and they have become more open to other career options as well. As the world has become a global village of perfect connectivity, people have more knowledge about a wide range of careers to choose from. However, this availability and acceptance of non-traditional careers can be a boon as well as a curse. Teenagers choosing their career paths can constantly be in a dilemma about what they wish to pursue. Most people need career counselling.

Due to the countless professional options at their disposal, students frequently struggle to select the best career path. After examining their strengths, interests, and other crucial variables, career coaching assists people in choosing the best career option under such circumstances. A methodical approach to knowing and comprehending oneself, making educated judgements about one’s education and career, and creating strategies for reaching one’s academic and professional goals is career counselling.

What does career counselling help with?

Although parents are the first guides in their lives, they may not be aware of the passions and potential of their children. Parents may influence their children’s professional choices in an effort to fulfil their own aspirations through them. That is why career counselling becomes the need of the hour for teenagers who are about to start their career journey. Career counselling is an organised and informative technique helps you examine your interests, skills, and values as well as the elements that influence your professional progress. It assists you in finding resources and sources of information about careers. Additionally, it assists you in creating a plan to reach your objectives and deciding on your future steps.

Career counselling can resolve issues about confusion with one’s major, disliking one’s course of study, and finding a new career path as well as if you are unable to get a job or college. If some like their subjects but fear that they won’t make enough money with it, career counselling serves as a support system for that as well. Career counselling can also help resolve family pressure to follow a career path that the client is not interested in. They can also help choose the best career option in terms of monetary incentives. If someone wants to choose a career that will help them earn enough money to choose their lifestyle then that is also a strong suit of career counsellors.

Who are career counsellors?

A career counsellor will aid you in determining your identity and the goals you have for your life, work, and education. They are someone you can talk to about your ideas, feelings, and worries about your job and educational options.

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This person will assist you to sift through your emotions and put them in order and make sense of them. The career counsellor will not determine or tell you what to do. They won’t even tell you what your major should be or what your career path should be. Simply put, their role is to help you identify your areas of strength and weakness and sort through them to determine which career path would be best for you. They are simply a support systems as well as a vessel of information about various career options.

The staff at Career Services has a master’s degree and has experience in career development theory, counselling techniques, conducting and interpreting exams, and discovering resources for careers. Career counsellors require a Master’s degree in counselling or career counselling. Job Search Advising and Career Counselling are related since your job search and career attainment processes are important for your professional growth. Additionally, career counsellors have the necessary training to help you with every facet of your job search.

Who can take career counselling?

Teenage is a crucial age in deciding one’s career, as that will most often decide the path you will go on. Teenage is also a phase of immense confusion and lots of peer pressure which can make it difficult for teens to determine their career path sometimes. Due to the abundance of available employment possibilities, people may feel perplexed or may make a regrettable professional decision under peer pressure.

Only seven profession alternatives are known to 93% of Indian undergraduates, according to a recent survey. India, in contrast, has more than 250 employment opportunities across several fields. In situations like these, career advice can be quite beneficial. A career counsellor with professional training helps students by educating them about the various career alternatives available and recommending an acceptable career option based on their interests.

Career counselling is acceptable for all students, including freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and even alumni because career development is a lifelong process. But the earlier you start making deliberate choices about your future, the better off you will be. You can meet up with a career counsellor at any time of your life if you are not satisfied with the current career path you are in. However, it is always advisable to visit a career counsellor in the beginning of your career journey as it will always keep you on top of your game. Not event has the same mind or interests and sometime people are lost and confused about their choices in life due to a number of reasons, that is where career counsellor step in to make the choice of career easier by providing relevant information as well as resources.

The Career Landscape: Navigation

Everyone is a genius, but if you assess a fish by its ability to climb a tree, people will think the fish is pretty stupid, according to the great German-born physicist Albert Einstein. The fish’s ability to swim through water is its strongest trait. The lesson here is that every person, especially a child, has a special personality that may be brought out by the right mentor or counsellor. With so many career options available today, life is becoming increasingly challenging, and students are finding it difficult to make the best choice. As a result, career counsellors can play a significant role in helping students make the best choice through their guidance, advice, analysis, and research.

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