What is the significance of meditation in our life?
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What is the significance of meditation in our life?

Meditation is a popular term used since ancient history among many religions. The aim of meditation previously was to connect our body, mind, and soul. Recently with the growing stress around, it has even more gained a lot of popularity over time. People are now more focused on their health than before, and they are using meditation as a tool to heal themselves. As we are heading towards digitalization, we are more exposed to the digital threat hovering over us. We might be happy with the advancement of technology in recent times as it makes our work easier and solves our problem within a click. But asides from this, it is also creating turmoil in our life. We are directly or indirectly inviting a lot of physical and mental health issues related to this. Meditation may be familiar to everyone in the household. But how many of us do seriously believe in the practice of meditation and its benefits? These days what we lack is peace of mind, and the reason can be numerous. It can be because of our demanding work life, relationships, competition, etc. And amid all chaos, we are losing ourselves. So to bring back the self-realization within us, we need to welcome meditation in our life. And it is sad to see many people have integrated the thought of mindful practice with religious practice. Many of them avoid or find an excuse not to incorporate this in their daily life as they believe they are too busy or maybe this is not an important task, unlike other things. The root cause of our problem is that we suffer a lot. If we want to eliminate that, then we need to be at peace with ourselves. The only way a man can search for peace is through mindful practices, and that is meditation. When we talk to people, we may realize that it is not only us but every individual has their own set of problems.

#Meditation and its benefits : 

Well, there is no doubt that with the help of meditation, one can gain inner peace. The best way which will bring you close to realization is meditation. The benefits of meditation are immense, and it is preached and practiced in the whole world. We have enough potential within us, and sometimes we fail to recognize that. The power is within us to unleash every problem that comes our way. If we reverse and go back a bit, then it was Lord Buddha who has attained enlightenment through meditation, and thus so we can understand how powerful is meditation. It completely changes you as a person from within. Now in modern times, people feel that they run out of time. And this is the main reason why people neglect the practice of meditation. So let’s quickly find out what benefit it does bring to us : 

#1. The root cause of all problems is excessive stress. So if you are in the practice of doing meditation every day, it helps you to calm your mind and make you feel relaxed and free from stress. 

#2. It gives you the strength to combat the battles of your life calmly without making yourself restless. Meditation can’t eliminate your problem from life, but it will give you the strength to focus on how to resolve your issues without getting worried.

#3. Due to stress, we go through unlimited physical and mental health problems like depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, insomnia, etc. With the help of meditation, we can see improvements in our sleep patterns, strengthen our heart conditions, gives a better immune system to fight diseases like cancer, increases our energy level, stabilizes our mood and whole well-being. It provides a quick fix and let you heal when your body and mind suffer.

#4. It helps you get a new gain a new perspective and have an optimistic view of life. Unless you surround yourself with optimism you won’t be able to achieve the bigger things in life. To feel that excitement in your life, you need to think positively and feed your mind with good thoughts. When you have a negative approach, you not only make your life difficult but also fail to count on your blessings and see the beauty that life has to offer you.

#5. If we want to have our peace of mind then we have to let go of the grudges we hold against other people. Often we maintain an unforgiving nature. We must learn how to be compassionate towards other people and forgive others and move on with our own lives and be happy. Everyone has problems and fighting their own battles. We don’t know what others are going through so we don’t have to be rude towards them. We should not be too bothered by what others are thinking about us or what wrong they have caused us. We must be more focused on our life and well-being without damaging our mental peace and that was meditation help us in doing so.

#Conclusion : 

Suffering is due to our disconnection with the inner soul. Meditation is trying to establish that connection ~ Amit Ray. 

When we are incorporating meditation into our routine, we must do it happily and from our heart. If we force ourselves to meditate, it becomes dull and uninteresting, and we tend to lose our interest. And this technique is not a new one. The practice has been there for ages, and people have been doing it for a long time, and it has its usefulness based on people’s needs. When we take meditation seriously, it becomes one of our skills, and we will soon realize that we have attained expertise in that particular field, and everything will seem easy that were once difficult for us. The duration doesn’t matter but what matters is the consistency. When you become consistent in your job, the length of the time automatically increases. The culture of meditation should be introduced even at school and workplace so that people get aware of the benefits and there will less chaos and a calmer atmosphere to work in. People need discipline and that can only be achieved with the help of meditation. These days we don’t tend to listen so the more we meditate the more we will able to listen, understand, and be empathetic towards the other human being. And this should not be restricted to the older generation but even our younger generations need to cultivate and spread the message among everyone. By doing so we can build a better nation with no violence or hatred towards each other. It will teach people to love and respect each other. When we are in a better mental state, the competition around can be dealt with healthily without causing damage to other people. Hence we need to choose our reason for meditation carefully and work towards it diligently to keep our focus more clear on life. So are you ready to choose yours?

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