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The Importance of Mental Health Awareness in Society

mental health awareness

In the past, while people were inventing new technology and methods to enhance life for people in society, one thing they forgot was to give more importance to inner strength than developing outer resources, technology, and facilities. As a result of this, people are full of resources and technology, but what they are missing is their healthy mental and emotional balance.

The current percentage of people suffering from mental illness and disorders is increasing day by day, and in the future, these cases are going to increase even more if people are not properly aware of how to manage their mental health while leading a day today. In the name of awareness, now a days people are often exaggerated mental health concerns; hence, it’s really important to get the right awareness for mental health concerns. So people can understand the nature of the problems they are experiencing and how to fight back and overcome them.

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Positive nature of the awareness program:

the awareness program must talk about the strength of the human mind and psyche. It must talk about people such as Victor E. Frankl (who survived the Holocaust), Clifford Whittingham Beers (who survived depression and anxiety and formed the National Committee for Mental Hygiene), and John Nash (a Nobel Laureate in Economics who was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia at the age of 29).

Talking about such people who have survived after mental illness, achieved their dreams, and served society will provide a lot of hope to people who are currently facing such problems. The awareness program should also discuss that individuals’ sufferings in life will later be beneficial for their future. It’s just that people have to keep fighting their battle until they do not get what they desire. They should not lose hope in their right to choose to respond. This is what makes a difference in the lives of people.

An awareness program that talks about the employment of people suffering from mental health concerns:

Mental health concerns become even more severe when they do not get proper mental care, treatment, and support. When people suffering from mental health concerns face financial challenges, it affects them more severely than a normal individual. Sometimes people hide their concern because they don’t want to lose their job and keep working until they do not become completely poor in terms of their mental health. It’s the time when people in society talk about including them in the workplace so that they can bear their own expenses for treatment.

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Awareness about building a healthy life:

an awareness program should not only address health concerns but also talk about prevention, like how people can live a healthy life. In the awareness program, people mostly talk about don’ts, but it’s time to talk about dos for good mental health. Instructions should be clear and crisp so that person gets the idea of practicing it more clearly, such as exercising or walking for at least 45 minutes a day, eating only 80 percent of their hunger, and reminding themselves each day how important their life is for themselves and their family.

Awareness about acceptance and support:

The awareness program should talk about the acceptance of such people in society and the community, as they have the right to all the rights of being citizens of their nation. Acceptance and support will make their life challenges less severe than before. It’s not always about providing financial support; sometimes it’s about empathizing with and relating to them in such situations of life. If they know they are being less judged, they will be able to live more freely. They need social support more than a healthy person.An awareness program that is based on an accurate understanding of mental health conditions:

When it comes to a mental health condition’s awareness program, it is important to explain the content to the level of their audience for an accurate understanding of the content. The simpler the terminology, the better the understanding. One can use different methods to explain this information, such as creating informative videos and short stories (produced by the WHO or any trusted organization).

The role of media is to raise mental health awareness:

When we talk about media, it’s a way to communicate what is important for individuals, and society. It’s time to make the right use of media now to develop awareness among individuals. Before continuing this concern, it’s important to first understand why it’s important.

  1. Intrusive thoughts are very common in individuals when they face life challenges. When people are not aware of this, they experience constant fear and become mad. But in reality, it’s completely healthy to have such thoughts sometimes. Many people have felt relieved when using media for this problem.
  2. Many people are facing mental health concerns such as burnout and serious personality complexes, but they believe this is a normal state for humans to experience. They keep living in that state because they feel it’s part of maturity and responsibility. Whereas the fact is, this needs to get good care and attention so people can feel lighter and healthier.
  3. There are many new challenges now that are faced by the new generation, such as gender orientation and addiction to pornography and substances. These things need to be addressed properly if we want our future citizens of the nation to be healthy. They should get proper guidance about how to accept and regulate these aspects of life and live the life they want to live.

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Power of Media for Mental Health:

Media can play a huge role in this, as now a days everyone is using mobile, TV, What’s App, Instagram, and watching advertisements. People watch the movie and, most of the time, forget its name in this criteria. Advertisements are being repeated, which is why they are considered more effective than any other way of raising awareness. When awareness about the polio program was used, it was effective because it was everywhere on TV, on new paper, and on huge boards. Such massive awareness is necessary through social media if we really want to reduce the number of people suffering from mental health concerns.

Benefits of the Awareness Program for Mental Health are:

  1. It can reduce the number of people suffering from mental health concerns.
  2. Destigmatizing mental health concerns.
  3. Helps people understand their symptoms
  4. Better mental health knowledge
  5. Supporting an environment for people suffering from mental health concerns.
  6. Better employment chances for people suffering from mental health concerns

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