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The Essential Art of Ignoring for Inner Peace


“The art of ignoring” … hmmm… sounds quite negative and depreciating, I must say. However, the fact that most of us ignore or never heed is that sometimes ignorance is bliss. Under the weight of certain circumstances of our lives, we ought to comprehend the inevitability of ignorance and ensure that it is critically applied to our lives to ensure our innate peace. In our modern world, which is brimming with distractions of every kind for people who wish to consume it, maintaining focus or even trying to stabilize one’s inner peace is nothing but a formidable and herculean task. Here the skill of ignoring becomes inevitable.

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One must understand that the art of ignoring does not imply that one should turn a blind eye towards one’s major responsibilities in life. Instead, it implies that one should turn a blind eye towards the negative and disheartening stimuli that one may be exposed to in their journey. One must, hence, be capable of differentiating what deserves their precious chunk of attention and what does not. This would further involve filtering out distractions and any negative stimuli that could depreciate their mental and physical health, well-being and daily life performances.

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So, what exactly are the benefits of mastering the art of ignoring?


  • One of the major benefits of the art of ignorance is that it provides us with adequate time lapse. It provides an individual enough time to think and comprehend the various dimensions of a problem that they might be exposed to. This time, if accurately utilized, would help them formulate an opinion or even the solutions to the problem and would aid them to incur little or no costs in the end.
  • The skill of ignoring has various benefits for our mental health and general productivity. For starters, it relieves stress by easing the weight of information overload. The person would no longer find himself or themselves at the mercy of every incoming message or news alert, which allows them to regain control of their lives.
  • Ignoring boosts our ability to concentrate. By reducing non-essential distractions, the individual can focus their attention on the subject at hand, resulting in better efficiency and performance. It also supports their creativity by allowing new ideas to arise and grow.

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  • Furthermore, the practice of ignoring improves one’s connections. By being present and listening throughout conversations, one can exhibit respect and empathy for others. It helps them form deeper connections and engage in meaningful discussions.
  • The art of ignoring helps us to stay in control and it also lets us have the reigns of lives. It aids us in maintaining our relationships and connections with others smoothly and controlling our feelings and emotions significantly contributing to one’s inner peace.

On this note, let us delve into the many strategies that one could implement to help themselves master the art of ignorance. There are a plethora of strategies that one could undertake when one wishes to master the art of healthy ignorance, however, one should choose and implement them according to one’s factors and ensure that this does not harm others in any way.

How to master the art of Healthy ignorance?

1. Prioritize Oneself-

One should determine their priorities and devote time and attention accordingly. Set limits by limiting one’s exposure to unneeded notifications, social media, and news intake. Set aside particular time intervals for uninterrupted work. these steps would aid one in ignoring the unnecessary stimuli that pop up in one’s social media. To ignore real-life stimuli, one must master the art of creating boundaries with others and ensure that one is not taken advantage of in any way. One’s helpfulness must not be mistaken for poor boundaries. The very idea is that saying “no” while asking for help in certain situations is highly necessary within a relationship. People should train themselves in this direction.

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2. Practice Mindfulness-

Mindfulness is an exercise that aids one in comprehending their inner self better with the scope of accurate introspection. One must hence learn to examine their thoughts without judgment. Mindfulness meditation increases their awareness of distractions, which would subsequently allow the person to analyze the consequences of being influenced by the particular distractions and hence aid them in consciously letting them go and refocusing on the present moment.

3. The Power of “NO”-

The very idea that saying “no” while asking for help in certain situations is highly necessary within a relationship, is not something that most people acknowledge and are keen to follow. Most of them tend to believe that their rejecting a request made by someone, would jeopardize their relationship, even in situations where they may not be fully available to fulfil the request.

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This may lead them to say “yes” to every help asked for, and thus cause in them resentment and even in some situations, anger, and frustration. This can certainly tamper with their inner peace. Hence, slowly but surely, comprehending the power of the word “no” and training oneself to utter the same sometimes in life would aid substantially in the betterment of their inner peace.

4. Suitable Climate or Environment-

A suitable climate or surroundings would aid greatly one to focus on the present moment. A suitable climate hence can be interpreted as a tidy and organized environment with little or no audio or visual distractions.

The art of ignorance is not something that every individual can easily master in their lives and implement in their day-to-day lives. it demands great amounts of grit, determination and perseverance to ensure that one maintains a blind eye to the negative stimuli that, if exposed, can influence their life greatly and cause great harm even. However, methods like mindfulness, learning to say NO and even selective consumption of media etc, can significantly alter the level of inner peace that one enjoys in their life.

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