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Rage Rooms: Providing Anger Relief or Perpetuating Violence?

Are your body muscles tense up? Pulse firing up? Feeling anger building up inside you? Well, this place has got you – Rage Rooms. It is a place where you can smash and break things to get out your anger.

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Are Violence in Online Platforms Fueling Real-World Crime?

Imagine a small town where everyone knows each other. Life here is usually quiet and peaceful, with little crime to speak of. But one day, things take a dark turn when a series of incidents begin to unfold. Someone starts


Scarred by Society: Addressing the Stigma of Acid Violence

Acid attack was recognized as a separate offense in India after the implementation of the Criminal Law Amendment Act, of 2013. However, it has been prevalent around the globe since the 17th century AD with the first recorded case occurring


Urgent Steps Needed to End Domestic Violence During Pregnancy

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Domestic Violence is one of the major concerns globally. In India, 29 percent of women in the age group of 15- 49 years face spousal violence and 3% of them experience physical abuse


Violence against women Mental health consequences and Rehabilitation strategies

Violence against women is highly prevalent, yet we all try to steer clear from the discourse about the same. Most of us also perceive it to be a personal issue and remain ignorant about the global nature of this social

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Obstetric Violence: An Undocumented and Unreported Epidemic

Obstetric Violence refers to any form of mistreatment, abuse, or disrespect experienced by women during pregnancy, childbirth, or the postpartum period. This can encompass various acts perpetrated by healthcare professionals, such as verbal and physical abuse, unnecessary medical procedures, or


The Impact of Domestic Violence on Women’s Mental Health

We should consider Domestic Violence as a major issue because of its devastating consequences on women’s mental health. According to data, every 1 in 3 women globally endure physical or sexual violence in their lives, and around 30% of women


Bullying and violence in schools

On 21st November 2023, a 16-year-old queer make-up artist Pranshu died by suicide as a result of overwhelming cyberbullying due to their gender identity. Cyberbullying is a type of a broader behavioural tendency called bullying.  What is bullying? Bullying refers

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Impact of Media Violence on Mental Health

Impact of Media Violence on Mental Health How often do you witness violence while engaging with media? Which modes of media portray violence? Digital media has become an integral part of people’s lives today. Most people are exposed to media


Is Domestic Violence For Men Too?

As we know information related to domestic violence has largely focused on women as the victims and men as the perpetrators. Domestic Violence against men tends to go unrecognised since men are less likely to admit to or report such