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Covid-19: Effects On Pregnant Women And Unborn Child

Pandemic situation of Covid-19 has created a disturbance all over the world. It has created an immense level of panic in the people that gave rise to fear, anxiety, tension, and other health problems. There has been no proper schedule,


Why do we fear to express ourselves?

Expressing your emotions doesn’t make you a weak person. This era is the modern era where life is fast and tough. It depends upon an individual whether or not he desires to struggle with happiness. The one with a positive


Optimism and Resilience In Parents Of Children With Special Needs

Educational Psychology is the field where learning process of human being is studied. Different ways of processing, learning difficulties, study of how people understand, studying behaviour of people come under educational psychology. Optimism is the perspective of an individual to


Why There Is Romanticizing of Mental Disorders?

People have misunderstood and greatly stigmatised mental illnesses for a very long time. People have had mental health issues for long but awareness about the same has always been very superficial. In the beginning, it was the lack of recognition of the symptoms, and then the notion that it’s not normal. This

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How safe is playing PUBG for your Mental Health?

In a study done for 4-years, researchers found that adolescents/adults who play video games that involve high risk-taking and violence are more likely to get engaged in violent activities and risky behaviour. They also exhibit a low score on anger


Vacancies of Clinical/ Child Psychologist. Did you apply?

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Rishikesh, starting to recruit employees to work in various departments. Applications are available online for applying for the posts which are available as per the categories mentioned. AIIMS has mentioned the needful information

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Attitude: What is the way of living in the world?

We humans, we live on the planet of Earth which has various characteristics which made life possible and sustainable for the living beings. In this world there are organisms that are living and have distinction on the bias of their


New Notification related to NIMHANS online Entrance schedule

The National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences is a renowned medical institution situated in Bengaluru. NIMHANS announces session 1 online entrance test will be rescheduled for both undergraduate and postgraduate level students. It will be for medical as well


What could possibly be the Impact and Benefits of Mindfulness on Anxiety and Daily life?

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”                                          

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What are the effects of smartphones and technology on Children?

It is not a surprising scenario to watch kids clinging towards a smartphones and watching videos and playing games these days. It can be put in a way that it has become a part of day-to-day functioning. With changing times,