Role of the subconscious mind in our life 

Have you ever suddenly remembered a memory from long ago? Do you sometimes find it hard to remember things that happen just a few hours ago?

The human brain is extremely interesting. Multiple strategies exist for the brain to passively store and retain knowledge. The brain is like a huge memory bank that stores everything that ever happens to you with a seemingly unlimited capacity. Someone often stores up events and other experiences from the past for years until they find that moment again.  That’s why with hypnosis people are able to remember past events from years ago, which they may have though they had forgotten. The subconscious mind is basically the unconscious mind, working in the background. 

Understanding the Subconscious Mind

In order to find that moment again, people frequently store events and other experiences from the past for years. According the famous theories and structures that Freud talked about the subconscious includes the part of our brain that makes decisions without actively thinking much about it and makes up about 95% of our brain. The unconditional mind, also referred to as the subconscious mind and operates on the morality principle. The subconscious mind rewards and punishes us and this way also reinforces thee way we think, act and behave in our daily lives. The subconscious mind directs the majority of our thoughts and therefore we tend to often think Feel and act based on our emotions. The reinforcement impacts our choices and decisions in life and in this way also creates a path that we follow in our life.

Exploring the Depths

In addition to the real emotions, feelings, and thoughts that a person experiences, the subconscious mind also exercises control over involuntary bodily functions like breathing and digesting. this can include all sorts of thoughts about topics that do not match up to society and can be considered as unwanted thoughts and beliefs that are extremely controversial and should not be acted out. The subconscious includes the person’s hidden sexual thoughts and aggression. it also holds a lot of memory from the time long gone which one may completely forget about until someone brings it up.

This is where people tend to store their trauma at times. As we all know, sometimes when something extremely traumatic happens, people at times tend to completely forget the incident, but honestly, we don’t really forget it and it just becomes a part of the subconscious. Unlike the conscious, we can not actively recall memories from the subconscious with ease as it contains of mostly the long-term memories and also includes thoughts and beliefs that may contradict with that of their conscious thoughts and beliefs.

Psychoanalysis and the Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind basically sits in the background and absorbs everything that a person goes through. It’s like a gate that one can enter easily, but leaving is hard and therefore it is not easy for us to recall memories of the past and also because of this we often tend to think that we have forgotten. the subconscious mind works despite being like a gate that does its best to prevent memories to trickle into the conscious also plays a huge part in other functions of the body. The subconscious works on the involuntary movements of the body which includes breathing. And as we know without breathing we can not survive, therefore we can also say that without the subconscious we will not be able to go on.

Sigmund Freud’s famous iceberg theory explains in great detail about the different consciousness and one can look that up to understand the concept better. The psychoanalysis technique which was introduced by Freud is also based on the iceberg technique and seeks to bring the unconscious to the conscious in order to help the person involved.

Unearthing Forgotten Memories

The subconscious thoughts include the various thoughts that one may not readily remember and also includes the memories of the past which we may assume that we have forgotten. Subconscious works efficiently in the background and plays a huge role in the functioning of our day-to-day lives. The subconscious also includes thoughts and behaviors that may not be in sync with that of the conscious and therefore are not acted upon. There are multiple ways inn which the subconscious plays a role in shaping the way we and our life turn out to be.

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