Radhika Gupta posted her concern about depression in Youngsters


Depression is one of the most common mental health conditions in the 21st century. A lot of adults, young adults, elderly people even nowadays children suffer from depression. Among young adults, the rate of developing depression is quite high. To increase awareness about the burning problem a lot of social media influencers, and public figures take the initiative to talk about their story and experiences related to depression.

CEO and Managing Director of Edelweiss Mutual Fund, Radhika Gupta recently pointed out that the pressure to present a perfect life in social media like Instagram plays a significant role in the increased depression rate among young people. Over the past decade all over the world including India mental health has become an important issue, especially depression and anxiety-related disorders.

According to her, young adults are more focused on being someone else in the virtual world and making their lives look better on social media, ignoring the importance of discovering one’s unique self. Regarding this, Gupta recently posted on X, “The pressure of being someone because their life looks cool on Instagram, rather than being your unique self.”

The CEO is also a mother who recently put a heartwarming post on social media which clearly shows how effectively she balances her work and family life which she mentioned as “beautiful chaos”.

Depression is a very common mental health condition among this generation. Multiple risk factors are responsible for developing depression. For example, biological factors like genetics, psychological factors and social factors like familial environment, cultural factors etc. Also, substance abuse and drug addiction may affect the condition. According to the severity of symptoms, depression can be categorized as mild, moderate, or severe.

Symptoms of depression include persistent sadness with a loss of interest in previously enjoyable activities and disruptive daily functioning for at least two weeks. Other symptoms like lack of energy, appetite, sleep disturbances, thoughts of self-harm or even attempted to suicide indicate the presence of depression in an individual. Individuals experiencing symptoms of depression should seek help as soon as possible.

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