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The Psychology Behind Skincare Obsession


Cleopatra from Ancient Egypt is known as one of the most beautiful women that mankind has ever seen. History says that Cleopatra used to follow a proper skincare routine as she used to bathe in milk and honey to hydrate the skin and avoid blemishes. She used Saffron to balance hormones. India also shows a history of skincare starting from around 1500 BC were people used Oils, butter, Saffron, Turmeric, etc to pamper skin.

Skin is the largest part of our body so keeping it healthy should be a primary goal for everyone. Skincare can act as a barrier against skin diseases, it can help you achieve the best appearance and make you more beautiful and handsome. It is always better to consult a dermatologist to understand your skin better and to provide it with the best products.

The reason why people are obsessed over Skincare

1. Skincare is Self-care is self-love

There has been an increase in mental health issues in recent times mainly due to the increase in social media usage, loneliness, unemployment, and many other factors. Understanding and appreciating oneself is one way to cope with the negative events in your life. Self-love is observed as a form of self-respect that includes loving and pampering your soul and body. Following a skincare routine can be an amazing journey of self-love. With this, you will gain confidence in your appearance and will start accepting and loving it more. Some people see skincare as a way of tuning into your body.

2. Skincare turns into a routine 

Some actions became a part of our lives just because we have been doing it since childhood and today you cannot even think about not doing it. Routine is something that we do with effort but discipline is when you do it effortlessly. People will mostly start using skincare products out of interest or maybe because some friend referred it to them or due to some skin conditions. Once they get results, this turns into a routine and then to discipline.

3. Skincare over Stereotype

Traditionally the target audience of beauty products is women, But today the beauty industry is more inclusive and has included men and the non-binary sections too. Today makeup and skincare can be used by anybody irrespective of gender. The personal care and global beauty market has undergone a lot of changes. Fashion brands have non-binary influencers, models, and actors participating in campaigns and there has been an increase in brands that are created just for men.

4. Skincare became diverse

In the past, we had just one cream, and people irrespective of their skin type used to use them. People used to apply products for white skin but the times have changed. As a result of research and studies, we have skincare products for every skin type and any colour. Many popular skincare brands were criticized for promoting the idea that white skin is beautiful while dark skin is ugly as a result they removed words like ‘fair’, ‘white’, and ‘ light’ from their advertisement. This change has not just happened in the skincare industry but the haircare industry too as we see products made to embrace the beauty of curly hair by leaving behind the obsession over straight hair.

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5. Skincare and sustainability

A lot of companies are producing skincare goods that are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free. These products have improved the interest of consumers as they can pamper the body without harming nature. Plum, Earth Rhythm, Soul Tree, and Just Herbs are some cruelty-free brands from India. A popular brand Mama Earth has claimed that they will plant a tree for every new order. 

6. Social Media Influence

The increase in usage of social media has made the world a small place. People are always exposed to these kinds of advertisements and information which force them to buy it without a second thought. We have influencers and models giving reviews in different forms over Instagram, YouTube, webpages, and other platforms. People are so obsessed with this trend that they can’t stop copying it.

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7. Gen Z and Skincare

Gen Z is said to be the greatest consumer of skincare products. A survey conducted in the US on Gen Z shoppers revealed that they spend most of their money on skincare products. The need for achieving perfect skin as a coping mechanism to deal with the unpredictable world. The obsession is the result of high exposure to Social media among Gen Z. Now Gen Alpha will be the next leading users of skincare products and this is already a part of the headlines all over.

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Taking Care of yourself should be a part of your life. Practice it and it will improve your skin health, and reduce the chances of acquiring skin problems. More than anything following a skincare routine will boost self-confidence. Skincare is not just about applying creams and serums available in the market, maintaining a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water can also do wonders. We also have so many natural ingredients that can be used for better skin. Skincare is important at any age but please treat your skin with the best products and be mindful about what you are doing to it.

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