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Failures at Protecting Those Who Suffer from Eating Disorders

Psychological impact of eating disorders

Bulimia and Anorexia Nervosa are the most commonly occurring eating disorders, however, another specified and unspecified Psychological impact of eating disorders also exist. Often people suffering from other severe mental illnesses may also show signs of certain kinds of eating disorders. Which may not be similar to that of either anorexia nervosa or bulimia. There are many such cases where people have been undergoing certain kinds of eating disorders. But have not been provided with the right kind of help until it was too late. 

The National Health Service is under fire from critics for failing to give these patients the necessary care at the right time. Which led to a significant number of deaths. Many people refuse to eat for multiple reasons. They may also be staving for days because of certain mental disorders that have manifested differently in them. However, the medical health services have been unable to cater to such people. Along have failed to intervene and provide help until the person’s health has completely deteriorated. There are many gaps in the services which include a lack of proper training of the service providers, a lack of personnel and also a poor connection between child and adult services. 

Multiple deaths have occurred because of eating disorders. Which the National Health Services have constantly failed to recognize at the appropriate time. Therefore failed to provide services at the right time. These eating disorders affect people of multiple ages. Like other mental disorders, eating disorders manifest themselves differently in different people. Given that eating disorders may have negative impacts on the lives of those who suffer from them. It is preferable to identify them early and offer appropriate assistance when needed.

According to reports, eating disorders impact at least 9% of the global population. They are responsible for 10,200 fatalities annually. This includes 26% of those who attempt Suicide as a result of an eating disorder. When someone starves oneself or refuses to eat, their body lacks several nutrients that it critically requires. Which might affect how biologically the person functions. Other signs that certain chemical imbalances in the body might cause include mood changes, frequent headaches, and irregular menstruation in women. It is important that we recognize these symptoms and not downplay them so that help can be provided at the earliest.

The National Health Service recognizes its shortcomings and failures at protecting the lives of people. Also it realized too late or because it did not provide proper care. The fact that the staff has been raising concerns for a long time without receiving the necessary resources. However, also seems to be restricting their options. The director of external affairs at Beat, an eating disorder charity mentioned that there is a need to have a fully funded long-term plan to invest in eating disorder services. A department of health and social care spokeswoman said that by 2024, community investments would be made to improve eating disorders and mental health services as a priority.

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