Psychological Bollywood Movies

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Have you watched Dear Zindagi? What about Bhool Bhulaiyya and 15 Park Avenue?

Psychology in Bollywood has come a far way for sure, which is great because our country desperately needs an accurate portrayal of the subject. Not just for it to be recognized as a science, but also to remove the stigma and misconceptions surrounding it. Inaccurate portrayals in movies are dangerous because they reach a massive chunk of the population spreading incorrect information. And we all know just how influential movies can be. So let’s ask people what they think about this issue.


How truly do you think psychological disorders are depicted in movies?

How relevant do you think this portrayal is to cinema and society?


The biggest problem of these films is the failure to define the disorders and the failure to be treated in the adequate manner that they should be. Everything surrounding the disorder such as ethics, treatment methods, mental health professionals are poorly researched and depicted just as unrealistically. Tell us about the movies which you feel have wrongly depicted incidences about There is much more to it for which you can……

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