Psychological Autopsy of Prominent Suicide Cases

To determine the causes of suicide, psychologists perform a thorough investigation known as the psychological autopsy. Numerous psychopathological disorders are the primary cause of the majority of suicides. According to epidemiological investigations such as research studies, cohort follow-ups for hospitalised patients, and reviews based on treatment history. These reasons account to probe for psychological autopsy in the most uncertain cases. 

Suicide a Global Concern

Suicide constitutes a serious public pathological state. It’s a manifestation of dangerous behavior that results from a crisis scenario typically not sufficiently recognized by others around. It affects all age classes and each sex. WHO presents the data on suicide and claims that 1 million people die due to suicide each year across the globe and that it is escalating.

There have been enormous suicide cases in India that have been the talk of the town. The most recent being the suicide of  Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. And Rajput’s suicide has turned out to be the foremost high-profile case’s. The case right away propelled a dialog around mental well-being and depression with numerous claiming it to be the cause of the actor’s passing.

Psychological Insights:

While,  Mumbai Police at first called Sushant Singh Rajput’s passing as suicide, his family’s claim’s against Rhea Chakraborty and others for prosecuting Rajput and duping him of wealth marked a stun response as lakhs of his fans requested a test into his passing. The Actor Kangana Ranaut also highlighted nepotism as one of the causes of Rajput’s death, Late Actors, death was mourned not only in his home country but across the globe,  his fans lead parades with slogans “Justice for Sushant” and “CBI for Sushant” in the support. 

 Another case that gained everyone’s attention was the “Burari Death Case” of 2018. It was considered as a mass suicide where 11 members of the family were found dead in their Delhi home as a part of “performing a ritual”. Delhi police requested a CBI probe into the matter and psychologists have their own understanding of the case. The 11-year-old diaries that were discovered in the residence underwent a thorough analysis by the CBI. According to the inquiry, one of the family members had psychosis as a result of his father’s passing. And the death was the result of shared psychosis.

In our nation, there’s a scarcity of considerations with respect to the mental post-mortem examination of suicide casualties. Different psycho-social characteristics of suicide casualties within  India are intensively studied. 

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