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The Hidden Scars of Witnessing Domestic Violence in Childhood

Witnessing Domestic Violence in Childhood Usually, the problems of children from domestic violence homes are easily ignored. The parents try their best to keep their children away from episodes of such, plus the signs are sometimes so subtle that the


Violence in Manipur Is Causing Mental Health Disorders among Children

Ethnic conflict has pushed the small Indian state of Manipur into what many have labeled a state of civil war, as the two main tribes. The majority Meitei and minority Kuki, fight for territory and dominance. This week, shocking footage


Peace Psychology – Conflict, Violence, and Peace

When we discuss war, violence or conflicts, have you ever wondered that psychology could play a role in these aspects? If not, then this article is for you, and if yes, then the article will take you to a journal


Addressing the Prevalence of Male Sexual Violence

Experts recently emphasised the pressing need to address the rising prevalence of sexual violence among males in a session titled “Overcoming Shame, Stigma, and Barriers in Addressing Victims of Male Sexual Violence” at the Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric

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Let’s know about Battered Woman Syndrome: A New form of violence

Battered Woman Syndrome is a pattern of signs and symptoms exhibited by a woman who has suffered ongoing intimate partner violence: whether psychological, physical, or sexual. This is classified as a syndrome in ICD whereas DSM does not recognize it

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Domestic violence puts children’s mental health at risk

When your parents fight, it’s painful enough, but a new study suggests that trauma can increase your chances of depression and other mental health issues. More than 17,700 Canadian people took part in a national survey on mental health for


How lock-down led to increase in domestic violence in India?

Indian society, an epitome of patriarchy, has often given men the power to abuse women in order to gratify their own tendencies of being violent and the lockdown has further enhanced their potential. With a reported increase of 21% in

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Domestic Violence: The Hushed Pandemic

She was born into this world with a lot of dreams and expectations. While she was growing up-studying, cooking, cleaning, getting married, obeying her husband were some of the things expected of her. She got married at the age of


Domestic violence and its far-reaching impact and influence

Whether talked about or not, domestic violence is prevalent in a lot of households. In some households, it may manifest in a subtle way whereas in a few it might take more radical forms. Whether it takes place in a


What children feel when witnessing domestic violence?

Witnessing domestic violence can have a tremendous negative impact on the emotional well-being of children. Domestic violence causes immense psychological and emotional trauma in children. It creates a hostile environment that is unpredictable and is full of fear and anxiety.