Elderly Friendly Gadgets

Modern technology has definitely helped us go through our lives with easy. But for our seniors, living alone can be tough & dangerous at times, the challenges presented by older age are inevitable, but they don’t have to be discouraging. With advancing age, physical, mental, & metabolic changes might seem a bit alarming when they begin to affect day-to-day living. To help seniors keep their independence is one of the greatest gifts which we can provide as caregivers. Here are some gadgets specially designed for the elderly which will make their life easier and increase their safety and ability to live independently and happy.

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Senior-friendly computers, printers, and portable devices

It can be used to keep older individuals connected to friends & family through email & social media & can further be used as entertainment on the internet.

GPS-enabled footwear

The shoe was originally to be used to track missing children but is now targeted for adults with cognitive deficits. Since shoes are one of the most familiar objects for daily use, patients exhibiting signs of dementia or cognitive disorder can use them easily.

Senior-friendly mobile phones

Smartphones may be an important thing for the young people but it’s also important for the elderly people. Although they have smart features, seniors need basic and intuitive. Seniors dread being alone or isolated, and mobile phones can help them feel connected. Also, be helpful to the elderly.

Paperwhite e-book reader

A reader is recommended for older people. It has different models and features that make reading easier. It has both touch-screen and standard options. The Paperwhite is a touch screen variant that uses “e-ink” technology which lets individuals read outside too without glare. It has an adjustable backlight which is said to reduce screen fatigue.

True link

This debit card is intended to give seniors a helping hand when they go shopping. It blocks fraudulent activity from known merchants that call and try to get elderly people to sign up for services. Family members can also monitor all charges using a web interface and block local merchants. If there’s a suspicious charge, family members receive a text message. The card works on the Visa network as a debit card that has a restricted monthly amount.

Mobile Alert Systems

Commonly known as personal emergency response systems (PERS) help seniors live independently, some of these systems are tethered or attached to a phone line, & the range is limited to a person’s home, these systems are getting smaller than mobile. From pendents to wrist-worn devices, seniors can now move freely outside the house and remain in contact with their family members it allows users to contact their caregivers or loved ones via cellular technology.

Electronic pill dispensers and other Assistive devices

Helping seniors live independently can be challenging, especially when it comes to medications. Most seniors are required to take at least four medications per day. To help organize their daily dose of medicines, electronic pill dispensers are a must. Aside from dispensing pills, these devices can also remind them when to take their medicines. According to research conducted by the National Institute for Aging, using electronic medication reminders helps seniors take their daily dose on time. Also, these devices prevent mixing drugs that can result in adverse effects that may lead to death.

TV Ears

For those who have a hearing problem, TV Ears offers a solution. This wireless TV listening device uses an infrared signal similar to the one in your TV remote control. It will help you hear the TV clearly without turning up the volume on the set itself.

You will be able to listen to TV at the volume setting that best suits your needs, while other people can adjust the volume to it theirs. It is lightweight and is designed to rest under your chin, not your head. It even comes with noise-cancelling technology. The Dual Digital version of the TV Ears is compatible with any TV set

With the use of these gadgets, the safety of the elderly population will be ensured. Their day-to-day life will also become stress-free and they can live their life without any fear. Creating awareness among the caregivers and ageing population about elderly-friendly gadgets can prevent them from any untoward fall or risk of injuries.

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